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For me:

  • Internal Family Systems made me more peaceful
  • "The Sleep Book" by Meadows made me sleep better
  • Apps: Otter for taking notes
  • Websites: Wirecutter
  • Books: How to Get Lucky, Self-Therapy
  • Mechanical keyboards for typing pleasure




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  • The book "The Charisma Myth" made me a more like-able person. I apply the principles every day.
  • My clothing steamer allows me to eliminate the wrinkles from my clothes in 5-10 mins, boosting my professionalism.
  • Pre-marinated tofu. It's delicious, ridiculously convenient, and can be added to any meal as a protein boost.
  • You can get free audiobooks/e-books from the library on the app Libby. You just need a library card #.

http://painscience.com saved my career from a disabling repetitive strain injury. I'll never get the 1-2 years of misery before finding that website back.

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My latest breakthrough: Text to speech readers set to a high reading rate. (Plus cheap and good-quality Mpow Bluetooth headphones.)

Now I effortlessly plow through my reading list at up to 400 words per minute during commutes. My micromorts/km are lower too since I don't need to keep my eyes glued to the Kindle.

I started out at lower rates and then gradually increased them over the course of a few weeks as the lower rates started to feel slow.

I mostly use @Voice Aloud Reader and Pocket for Android.

PS: Thanks for your recommendations, especially Otter!

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