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I am an investor. I give out microgrants. I podcast (sometimes with EA aligned thinkers). I angel invest. I make theatre.

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Interesting.  Start a new institution and org working on this!

I'd love to hear any lessons learned, and even now good things you think about pods, and things we should avoid.

Ah. In that case, if you'd like the bounty, I think I'd need a little longer explantory write-up whcoh takes into account the carbon cost challenges, and answers some of the questions.. As the above only seems to take into account productivity time while travelling, and not the carbon cost challenge.  Also, I'd have to change for the train etc. so I am not sure I'd have any productivity gains, I'm mostly interested in the emissions cost. 

Thank that's very helpful to know. Thanks for the comment! 

Thanks that's my instinct as well, but if anyone wants to dig into the numbers more deeply would be happy for it.

he does mention this in the report, there's more tail risk at higher temps, and averages can be problematic,  and will see if this comes up. Thanks 

will try and bring this to the conversation,thanks for the thoughts. 

Great question, will try and weave it into the conversation.

Thanks. Tipping points is a good question.

I asked climate Scientist, Zeke Hausfather - who Halstead cites in his work - on this too:

If you are interested.

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