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A £1k microgrant programme for those looking to make a positive difference.



Given everything which has happened recently and the likely lower current funding for potential impactful work, I though I would nudge up on the radar the microgrants programme I run.

A ThenDoBetter Grant is up to £1,000 to make a positive impact and change your life or project trajectory. You can think quite broadly about positive impact, which would include Effective Altruism type ideas, creativity, long-term thinking and sustainability.

Think a little like Tyler Cowen’s EV, or possible some of the small re-granting that FTXF had indicated. The programme is much broader than only EA type ideas as would include arts, creativity as well as more directly EA ideas. (I am personally likely more pluralist than the median EA tho many EAs I end up speaking to do seem to be pluralist amongst the utilitarians)

Here is a recent award winner "developing a methodology for healthy philosophical inquiry, which aims to provide better strategies for thinking about problems at an individual and collective level.": https://www.thendobetter.com/arts/2022/10/22/thendobetter-grant-winner-bryan-kam


Source of funds and conflict statement

Risk here is much lower given the small amounts I am giving, but it’s probably worth stating that the money is what I have earned mainly in my job as a pension fund manager, in addition to work I make as a writer, playwright and investment textbook writer.

I don’t see any particular conflicts (in fact I do not self-identify as an EA in particular) and you can see more about me on my linkedin, websites, twitter etc.  I also host a podcast Ben Yeoh Chats which has hosted EA-minded and EA-critical guests.

More info on the grant here:






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I think microgrants are a great idea! Because they're small, you can make lots of investments to different people with relatively little risk and cost.

Thanks for the suppport!