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Could there be large gains to different ways of education?

Essay Prizes:

We are offering up to 10 prizes of £100 for work relating to the theme of non-mainstream education. Everyone is welcome to take part but young people are particularly encouraged to submit entries. At least 5 prizes are intended for young people (21 and under). 

These could be essays, videos, blogs or talks about non-mainstream (or even mainstream pedagogy) education. Anything is open, for instance: How should we think about home education? The pros and cons of maths circles and their application outside maths? What would Dewey think of the education landscape today? How will AI change education? What Unschooling can teach us?

The area seems tractable, somewhat neglected?, but unknown impact/importance. 

Link is here for the prizes: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeBxcfW-YxCGqHTYo6g_ik9Qc4TzwHmefh6l0hJv3uDPX-14Q/viewform




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