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Founder of BOAS, a fast vintage fashion platform that donates 90% of profits to the most effective charities that save lives. 

Our vision is to move as many of the world's trillions in profits to effective organisations through Profit for Good businesses (where charities receive most profits instead of shareholders). 

BOAS' mission is save jeans and lives. Peter Singer is an investor in our business. 

We're fundraising, so if you can help, send me an email at vin at boas . co

We're almost always looking for interns, so if you're interested please reach out. 

Thanks, Vin

How I can help others

Entrepreneurship, profit for good, economics, (paid) marketing and recruitment and hiring. I can also give feedback on startup pitches and ideas. 


First of all, I love the idea of redirecting Zakat to the most effective charities, and regardless of the size of global Zakat, this seems neglected and a large opportunity. I do however think your estimates are off. 

I refer to @Stan Pinsent for his great data, and that is basically my view on it too, but I wanted to add a couple of things to that. 

Total yearly global philanthropy seems around 841 billion. 590 of which are remittances, which some don't even see as philanthropy. More than 90% of philanthropy flows from wealthy countries that are either non-muslim or where a significant part of muslims are secular and/or don't follow zakat rules.

I would put my confidence interval that Zakat is less than 350 billion USD at 90%. It seems incredibly unlikely that more than 30% of global philanthropy stems from Zakat for the reasons stated by Stan, and looking at global giving.   

This is not hard data, but I've also run ad campaigns for large NGO's, and they promote more during Zakat, and I know it was driving less than 10% of yearly donations for these charities (and one of these was a popular charity for muslims). 

Hi Imma, thanks!

I was concerned about the wind, but between 6AM and 1PM the wind force was 3 where when we talked it was expected to be 4. I'm very stable with 3 and getting unstable, but not impossible, at 4. I already did 175KM before the wind picked up so that was great. 

The course is a loop, but it's basically two long sides with 2 relatively short sides. I had crosswind on the short sides, which is very good because crosswind is much more unstable than head or tail. One of the short sides was really well covered by trees and houses behind those trees so the wind was totally fine there. The other short side was more windy, but I proactively sped up for more balance on that side, which was doable because it was just a short bit. 

Ultimately I got super lucky with the weather. It was dry, warm, not too much wind and from the right angles. The days after it was very windy and rainy here and I would not have gone so far or even managed to break the record. 

I also slept relatively well before the event (where I was stressed and exhausted on thursday I was pretty good on friday) and had what cyclists call 'good legs', which you sometimes have and sometimes don't, so I feel incredibly lucky that everything came together so well on the day itself. 

Thanks James, and also for the help sharing this so we could raise more money! 

Haha I value transparency. I was very worried about the balance when peeing but it went very well. 

Thanks for the reply Caleb. I'm not arguing it's not a good fit here (although I disagree with that too, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't apply to EAIF). Ultimately you guys decide the fit. What I'm arguing is that I felt disrespected by our interactions, and it seems I'm not alone.  

I stand by that your feedback contained multiple factual errors. An example is the feedback mentioning we don't have transparent financials even though all of that was linked clearly (and was even publicly available at that time). Happy to go into other examples but I don't think we're going to agree on this. 

FWIW I'm happy for you to share public details of our grant application, we're transparent. I don't think the public will disagree with you our project is not a fit, because other funders have also declined our Profit for Good ideas so far. 

Hi finm,

Good question! It's a closed loop where they normally hold bike races. It's 2.5KM per loop and I will be doing as many loops as I can. It's got one bridge that slows down my speed and that's the most tricky part due to balance. When I'm cruising at 25kmh the bike is very stable, but I go down to about 15 when I ascend the small bridge so that's where I need to stay focused! 

It's in The Netherlands so it's otherwise completely flat, and because it's closed there's no other traffic or traffic lights. It's just me, my butt and I. 

Amazing! I'll reach out to huff to see if they can cover it for more donations!

This really means a lot to me Brad, and I'm glad that I can be of help to you sometimes (and appreciate all the help you give me!). 

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