We're looking for a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at BOAS - a sustainable international marketplace (think a good version of Amazon) donating all profits to save kids’ lives (Amsterdam, hybrid or remote). BOAS means good in Portuguese, and that's what we aim to do. 

Our mission is simple: save a million children from preventable causes including starvation, lack of clean water and disease. Our strategic vision is to build and grow our sustainable marketplace where customers know that their purchases fund positive change in the world, not just adding to the uber-wealth of the top 1 percent. Our vision is to move as much of the world's ten trillion $ in yearly profits from shareholders to those who need it most (i.e. donating it to effective charities).

Moving more, more diverse and "good" money to effective charities is more important now than ever, and we think Profit for Good companies could be an effective way of doing all three. 

With philanthropists as investors, we think we could outperform in this competitive space because people prefer buying from and working for companies who donate all profits rather than giving it to shareholders (data on that). We believe the direct and indirect effects of this could be very high EV

If you still don't understand how any of this works, or if you're skeptical, read this post and its many comments. 

Apply here or if you've got questions leave a comment. 

P.S. After FTX I should probably note that we will not do harm to generate more profits for charities. We are firmly commited to making our profits in a harmless way, and we think a sustainable marketplace is a good way to do that. 




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(minor point that might help other confused people)

I had to google CMO  (which I found to mean Chief Marketing Officer) and also thought that BOAS might be an acronym - but found on your website

BOAS means good in Portuguese, clearly explaining what we do in only four letters! 

Thanks Tristan! I've added the full meaning in the text to avoid confusion and also added BOAS means good. 

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