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Ines: Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is in the pipeline: given resources and time constraints, we are currently focused on our first event, but in the google form, you can notify your interest in the upcoming EAecon newsletter and the online EAecon community.

Peter: Thank you for your support and the template; super helpful! Let's connect to know more about the BS community. 

Thanks Michael for your interest and your comment: sure thing it does, fixed.

Thanks for your support Ollie and the CEA Events Team! 

Thanks for your interest, Jeff and your helpful comment. I split this into 2 posts, hope it makes presentation clearer. And, here is the EAecon Sequence.

Thanks good point. On a different note, I invited David from your team to come and present which type of work economists could do at your EA org, let me know in mp or email if you or another member would like to join as well.