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What would you desire in an EA dating site?

I think I would ideally want something where only certain people could see my profile and not just anyone who signs up, but I have no good thoughts on how to achieve that. Something like that elite celeb dating app by invite only maybe.

What are longtermist arguments for and against psychedelics/drug reform as an EA cause area?

I dont see the importance, neglectedness, and especially tractability of this as a cause area compared with x-risks. If you could explain that could form better critiques.

Is there an EA grants database?

Vipul Naik seems to do this but I'm not sure how frequently it is updated and I dont think includes FTX's grantmaking activities.

We're Aligned AI, we're aiming to align AI

What is the difference between this, ARC, Redwood Research, MIRI, and Anthropic?

Metaverse democratisation as a potential EA cause area

I don't think this is a cause area but do think this is a sub cause area within longtermism. I think if we do want to be able to upload our consciousnesses and live as digital people, the initial formation of the metaverse could pose lock-in effects that could make life not great for future digital people (so I guess more of an s-risk concern). I'm actually already working on a project for this and am glad to see other EAs thinking similarly. Sadly I cannot comment more on it though since I work for the government.

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