Bryce Robertson

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Currently searching for a role that allows me to contribute to increasing the probability that humanity’s transition to a world with artificial superintelligence goes well.

How others can help me

Since my main goal at the moment is finding a suitable role, any kind of help with that would be amazing. But I’m also very keen to simply meet other people in this community and learn what their stories are, what they are hoping to achieve etc.

How I can help others

- Proofreading (I'm a grammar and punctuation nerd)
- As an ex-videographer I can assist or provide advice on anything to do with video
- I can provide some basic legal advice given my law degree (although that is from New Zealand)
- Given my philosophy degree I may be able to provide some kind of philosophical input to ideas etc. and I'm generally always down to discuss philosophical subjects
- I've won a few speech and negotiation competitions in the past, so I may be able to provide some useful advice there


Feedback would be great, thanks!

I completely agree that having a broad overview of what's going on in the ecosystem can be useful in many ways, and that a deck like this should be able to help with that – hopefully!

I'd be more than happy to check out your deck – feel free to send me a DM. I've never used cloze deletions on Anki so I'd be especially intrigued to see how that works.

The idea came about because I was looking for ways I could use Anki beyond language learning and figured this could be useful, then decided that if it seems useful for me then presumably for others too.

When I told a few people I was working on this, I generally didn’t get particularly excited feedback. It seemed like this may at least to some degree be because people are sceptical as to the quality of shared decks, which is partly why I put a lot of time into making this one as well-designed as possible.

That’s also the reason I would personally be keen to try out someone else's deck on core concepts from an AISF course or similar, but with the caveat that if it didn’t meet a pretty high quality standard then I’d likely not use it and make one myself instead. FWIW, I used the Ultimate Geography shared deck as inspiration for a very well-made deck.

Hope that’s useful!