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There are many resources for those who wish to contribute to AI Safety, such as courses, communities, projects, jobs, events and training programs, funders and organizations. However, we often hear from people that they have trouble finding the right resources. To address this, we've built AISafety.com as a central hub—a list-of-lists—where community members maintain and curate these resources to increase their visibility and accessibility.

In addition to presenting resources, the website is optimized to be an entry point for newcomers to AI Safety, capable of funnelling people towards understanding and contributing.

The website was developed on a shoestring budget, relying extensively on volunteers and Søren paying out of pocket. We do not accept donations, but if you think this is valuable, you’re welcome to help out by reporting issues or making suggestions in our tracker, commenting here, or volunteering your time to improve the site


If you’re up for giving us some quick feedback, we’d be keen to hear your responses to these questions in a comment:

  1. What's the % likelihood that you will use AISafety.com within the next 1 year? (Please be brutally honest)
    1. What list of resources will you use?
    2. What could be changed (features, content, design, whatever) to increase that chance?
  2. What's the % likelihood that you will send AISafety.com to someone within the next 1 year?
    1. What could be changed (features, content, design, whatever) to increase that chance?
  3. Any other general feedback you'd like to share





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Thanks for this, OP! 

I hadn't seen the latest updates to the site since ~launch and have sent my own feedback.

Fellow Forum users—consider taking a few min to look at the site and give their sense of the UX or whatever other feedback feels useful. 
You, yes, you could help aisafety.com visitors have a smoother/more impactful experience, adding real value to the time spent by the team on this already at a pretty minimal cost to you :)

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