Cameron Berg

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Hi Ben, we are continuing to accept further responses and of course value any additional respondents. Stopping donations is more a function of our available budget for this project than how much value we put on the additional data. We are keeping the form open until the data analysis is complete (it is easy to just plug in new entries to the existing analysis pipeline), at which point we will close the form. No specific deadline, but we imagine the analysis will be complete in the next week or two.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment—I think that is indeed a better way of phrasing it. For the sake of continuity of the survey we probably won't update it now, but I agree that it probably should have been phrased this way to begin with. However, it does seem perfectly reasonable to add in the option that Jason suggested below, so we will go ahead and do this.

Ultimately, we sought some unambiguous cutoff to qualify for the donation amount, and we thought that 5hr/week devoted to meaningfully working on an EA cause would be a reasonable criterion for this. We definitely still want to hear from you and are certainly not going to discount or exclude your responses, but we are still currently planning to donate $40 * number of actively/directly involved EAs who take the survey to the selected charities.