I am an incoming Predoctoral Research Fellow at the Global Priorities Institute. I read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Warwick, led the local EA group, co-moderated our first fellowship. Previously, I interned at the European Parliament and the Future of Life Institute working on the EU AI White Paper consultation. I learned about outer space governance during a research project with the German foreign service. I am funded by BERI to collaborate with GovAI researching the Brussels Effect of EU AI regulation.


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A new proposal for regulating AI in the EU

Hi Edo, instead of the leaked document, you might want to link to the official publication which is here. The European Commission published simultaneously the Coordinated Plan on AI. Some readers unfamiliar with the EU legislative process might assume that the details of the regulation are almost fixed, which is not the case. During the next months/years, the Council and the European Parliament will work on the proposal and will have trilogue meetings

Indirect long-term effects

I am confused as to how this relates to trajectory changes ( When Beckstead (2013) talks about ripple effects, I understand him to talk about trajectory changes, ie., a certainclass of interventions which might be very effective for longtermists, compared to x-risk mitigation. Independent of this and whether one agrees with longtermism, it might be still relevant to think about info hauards, replacability  (the bullet point). I would suggest that the first paragraph should be moved to trajectory changes instead. Sorry, if I have overseen something.

EA capital allocation is an inner ring

I have read all except one post you linked to. I don't understand how your post related to the two posts about children and would appreciate a comment. I agree with your argument that "EA jobs provide scarce non-monetary goods" and that it is hard to get hired by EA organisations. However, it is unclear to me that any of these posts provide a damaging critique to EA. I would be surprised if anyone managed to create a movement without any of these dynamics. However, I would also be excited to see working tackling these putative problems such as the non-monetary value of different jobs.

Name for the larger EA+adjacent ecosystem?

Clarification question: why do you understand longtermism to be outside of EA?

It seems to me that longtermism ( I assume you talk about the combination of believing in strong longtermism (Greaves and Macaskill, 2019) and believing in doing the most good) is just one particular kind of an effective altruist (an effective altruist with particular moral and empirical beliefs).

A full syllabus on longtermism

Thanks for this very interesting syllabus and thank you for mentioning the issue of diversity and for the first steps of tackling it. I don't see this issue discussed very often on the EA forum and in EA adjacent academia.

How high impact are UK policy career paths?

Thanks for writing this. Here are two of my messy thoughts: If you believe that X is the biggest and most important problem (e.g. clean meat, poverty alleviation or AI governance), I would believe that the Head of the relevant department is a really really good job to work on the problem.

I was also wondering why you are not considering the career capital you get to later on work on projects such as Alpenglow or work in applied research job/ lobbying/policy thinkers etc.

What areas are the most promising to start new EA meta charities - A survey of 40 EAs

Thanks for sharing. Would you be able to share more information on the top-ranked option "exploration". My thinking on this is limited (like in general regarding a cause X). Would you able to share concrete ideas people talked about or concrete proposed plans for such an organisation (a cause X organisation or an organisation focused on one particular underexplored cause area?)


And on a related note, will you publish the report about meta charities you describe here publish before the incubation programme application deadline (as it might be decision-relevant for some people)?

Careers Questions Open Thread



I am german, lead an EA group in the UK, and do EA career coaching there. I am personally interested in the policy side but I am happy to talk with you through your cause prioritisation and think about good jobs in Germany. If you are interested, pm me :)

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