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President of EA UNSW and am a Bioinformatics Undergrad. Committed to making pandemics extinct!


Thank you for going through the effort of writing this up!

Ditto this experience of a successful stall (we've also been iterating on a set up similar to yours) but difficulty translating that into regular event attendance (about a handful). EA UNSW (Australia). New member influx tends to come from catching folks who have discovered EA via internet or through event collaborations with other related societies. Tabling at the start of the year has caught such EA internet lurkers.

I was curious about your suggestion that a lot of researchers think that basically all biomedical research is gain/loss of function.

Not completely clear on what the context the researchers were speaking to but a standard strategy in figuring out what genes do is to knock out (loss of function) the gene of interest in a model organism and observe what happens. Synthetic biology also has a lot of 'gain of function' engineering e.g. make microbes produce insulin.

Thank you for the write up. Really appreciate the pops of in the weeds explainers in the forum. Will take the time to read/skim the full report!

I definitely wouldn't mind being reminded of this list once a quarter!

Just wanted to say thank you for going to the effort of compiling this. I have now subscribed to a bunch and created an email filter!

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Location: Sydney, Australia
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Willing to relocate: No until 2024, after than mostly anyhow
Skills: Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Computer Science, Policy writing, Operations, PA, Generalist, Community Building at commuter universities
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Notes: Interested in the biosecurity space, looking for opportunities to do more policy work. EA references on request.