Chloe Lee

@ Global Food Partners
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I am a strategy consultant with a keen interest in Effective Altruism, AI safety, biosecurity, farm animal welfare, and global mental health. Currently, I work as a Senior Programme Associate at Global Food Partners, a consulting firm that assists corporate companies and egg producers in transitioning to higher welfare products and businesses.

How others can help me

I'm eager to connect with individuals who share these interests and are open to collaborating on research projects. I'm also interested in volunteering my skills in strategic planning, operations, or project management for organisations working in these areas.

How I can help others

I would be happy to share my experiences with the Tianxia Research Mentorship program, the Southeast Asia Farm Animal Welfare Fellowship, the Sentient Media Social Media Fellowship, and my work at Global Food Partners and Accenture strategy consulting.


Hi, @freedomandutility, thank you so much for your comment!

Re: have not consulted or verified the facts - At the beginning of the project in February 2022, I discussed this with some EAs that have experience dealing with Chinese experts. I was cautioned against approaching them directly because (1) local researchers are generally aware of biosafety but not biosecurity and (2) it isn't easy for an individual, whether based within or outside of China, to access government agencies. Without a deep understanding of cultural nuances and field knowledge, I am not sure if I can effectively convey the biosecurity concept and the intentions of the research. But I agree that verifying things with Chinese experts will improve the write-up tremendously! Hope this clarifies.