Special Projects Associate @ Rethink Priorities
Working (6-15 years of experience)
768Hamburg, GermanyJoined May 2020


Special Projects Associate at Rethink Priorities.

Past work/activities: Operations & Intern Coordinator (Riesgos Catastróficos Globales), Project Manager (National Pandemic Cohort Network - Germany), Incubation Program Participant '21 (Charity Entrepreneurship), Operations Lead (EAGxVirtual '20), Volunteer Coordinator (EAG London '21), Event Lead (EA Fellowship Weekend '21 and EAGxVirtual Unconference '20), Group Lead (EA Hamburg)

My academic background: M.Sc. International Logistics and Management

I truly enjoy:

  • Improving organisation and coordination within teams
  • Figuring out how to structure things: information, organisations, etc.
  • Mentoring

Please reach out if you think I can help you.


Hi Vasco,

Thanks so much for all the effort put into attempting to do this calculation. I really appreciate it!

I have one main question  (+ a meta comment) around the calculation of the cost-effectiveness of OM:

In the email you sent you asked for "(I_OM / C_OM) / (I_A / C_A), where:

  • I_OM is the expected loss of impact due to one randomly selected person in operations management working 1 hour less.
  • C_OM is the expected hourly rate of one randomly selected person in operations management.
  • I_A is the expected loss of impact due to one randomly selected person working 1 hour less.
  • C_A is the expected hourly rate of one randomly selected person."

What impact metric is meant by I? I read through your post, but maybe I missed something...

It would've helped a lot to see this information in the post itself to follow reasoning transparency.

First <3

Just making sure on how to give you feedback: 

  • Are you looking for feedback rather from parents than"the average EA forum reader". I'm not a parent myself, but I could share it with friends of mine who are parents.
  • What kind of feedback would be most helpful? e.g.
    • I gave it to my son (who is  x  y/o) and he loved it.
    • I read it myself and would like to see more of xzy...
  • What channel would you prefer for receiving feedback? (via

Hey Ana-Maria, unfortunately, at this moment, RP does not hire in Sweden, but we continuously evaluate local labor laws, and thus, hope to be able in the future. That said, we welcome and encourage all candidates to submit their applications, regardless of their current place of residence.

Hey Richard, thanks for starting the discussion! I'd suggest making it easier to submit answers to these questions anonymously e.g. via an anonymous Google Form. I think that will help with opening up the discussion and making the brainstorming more fruitful.

Hey Ben, first I want to thank you so much for being willing to try this out. This sounds like an extremely valuable experiment!

Second: I'd be super keen to see a follow-up post  to hear how the experiment went, if there were any common/recurring themes/blindspots for the people you talked to as well as any other pieces of advice after trying this out.

Hey Kirsten, we expect to make job offers mid-late  January with starting dates being flexible, but ideally starting Feb/March. This will be based on the additional FTEs we take on for new projects starting next year.

Thanks so much for conducting this research you both! And of course for the write-up :) 

I'm curious about this: How cumbersome (or not cumbersome) did you find collecting this information by yourself (especially as a small org)? For future hires: Would you prefer to do this again but let someone else take over this research? What do you think about an HH employee conducting the research vs. an external party?

Just asking as I wonder if we could have more of these insights by removing any (potentially existing) roadblocks.

Strongly upvoted. This kind of post is extremely valuable and I would encourage anyone to write more of these kinds of posts: It helps us as a community to coordinate much better. Thanks Anya and Katie for all your efforts and research putting this together and sharing it.

Reg. "There are probably more efforts we’re not aware of"  There are  EA-aligned newsletters including job openings relevant to that newsletter's scope, e.g. like this.

Reg. "We’re not sure what the optimal level of coordination between hiring organizations in the EA community is": I guess the different points of the spectrum is something like 

1. Fully uncoordinated hiring agents (uncoordinated & decentralized) 

2. Well coordinated network of hiring agents (coordinated & decentralized)  

3. Having one big "EA hiring agent" (centralized) 

Ideally we would be at 2. (I'm uncertain whether it's better to tend towards 1. or tend towards 3.)

3. Has many downsides (incl. the ones you've mentioned) whereas the prototype for 2. could look something like this:

  • There are different "EA hiring agents" (orgs, individual headhunters, CRMs, hiring/vetting projects etc.) that coordinate among each other (*) incl. supporting projects/org you mention (such as the "value-vetting" service)
  • The coordination of these hiring agents is incentivized by some type of "EA Hiring Hub" (which focus isn't to store the candidates' data), but that could take over activities such as
    • Developing centralized statistics about overall candidate pool (imagine Our World in Data but just for hiring)
    • Developing a secure, compliant system for the different agents to share candidates among each other
    • Developing a system that incentivizes coordination among these agents over the long-term

*I'm less certain about what the hiring scope of each agent ought to be, but it seems best for different agents to optimize for different hiring scopes (cause area, specific org, anything that the EA community might need in the future...) 

Please see this comment as unstructured, half-baked thoughts I had after reading this post and wrote in a couple of minutes vs. a well-thought idea.

Thanks so much for creating and posting this series Lynette!  :) I really enjoy these. I'd be excited to see something like this post for people in more generalist careers like ops and PM and see how that compares to the kinds of answers in this post.

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