Project Manager at the National Pandemic Cohort Network (Germany), ORCHESTRA, Operations Manager for the research group "Cohorts in Infection Research" at the University Hospital Cologne, Volunteer Manager at Riesgos Catastróficos Globales

Event Organizer: Operations Lead EAGxVirtual '20, Volunteer Coordinator EAG London '21, Event Lead EA Fellowship Weekend '21 and EAGxVirtual Unconference '21

Group Organizer: EA Hamburg

My academic background: M.Sc. International Logistics and Management

I love to share ideas about:

  • Improving EA infrastructure
  • Improving project management
  • Improving the EA talent pipeline (incl. consultants, contractors)

I truly enjoy:

  • Improving organisation and coordination within teams
  • Figuring out how to structure things: information, organisations, etc.
  • Mentoring

Please reach out if you think I can help you

Topic Contributions


Career story: why I decided to leave corporate for now

Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us Andy! :)

Sometimes all that's missing to take the next big step is a sense of urgency. For you and me it came through tragic loss. I hope others reading this realize that it doesn't have to come this far to take that next step.

In a way I feel guilty that I didn't push you that much back then in 2021 when we were talking about your career plans.  Taking leaps is scary. But what I've been learning the last years/months by talking with others is that is extremely valuable to really get deep into the question "What is holding you back from taking the leap?" and then have a good look at that... often that's all that's needed to plant a seed.

Coordination within EA: community & ecosystems

Thank you Tee! I'd be interested to learn more about the results. I sent you a message.

Social rewards in EA

Thank you Adam! A lot of this was very helpful to frame my own thinking about the topic. 

Regarding "The post prompts for social rewards, but I'm not sure why we should focus on this specifically": I was more interested in understanding the dynamics that the community  (often blindly) reinforces rather than figuring out what individual people need (this is another topic that I have explored a lot already).

My experience is that people in the community care about the external social rewards more than they feel comfortable acknowledging.  And while it is not inherently wrong to want these rewards, I think it is helpful for certain groups of the community to be made aware of the rewards and support (just like you did with your answer)  they can expect given the current trajectory of the community and for the community to question the ones it provides but especially question the ones it doesn't offer enough of.

Coordination within EA: community & ecosystems

Good catch, Gina! :) Yes, it's supposed to be "not including". I've changed it now.

Social rewards in EA

My actual question was the one in the main text: "Which groups of people in the EA Community do you think get the least rewarded socially (by the community)". I've changed the title of the question to avoid confusion.

While I agree that "Which people get the least social rewards in EA, relative to the value they contribute?" is a better phrasing than the (original) title "What people get the least rewarded in EA?" I don't necessarily agree that it is a better phrasing than the question "Which groups of people in the EA Community do you think get the least rewarded socially (by the community)?", because:

(1) Value is subject to moral views and what a person prioritizes: e.g. is the (effective) work of a person working on global poverty much less valuable than a person working on AI Safety? 

(2) Value is subject to outer perceptions: I know a lot of EAs that CV-wise don't look like your "High-impact-superstars" but putting a lot of effort into achieving a lot of impact one day. I'd worry this turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy: Person is perceived as "low value" by the community -> Gets less rewards -> Person has less impact -> Person gets less reward... and so on

(3) Value perception can shift (sometimes even very rapidly): Just look at how the community has shifted in terms of priority cause areas in the last years.

I still acknowledge that the question "Which groups of people in the EA Community do you think get the least rewarded socially (by the community)?" is very imperfect, and in some of your eyes even quite flawed. I can live with that (given that my intention with this questions was to get others people's views and expand my understanding of this issue). For that the question seemed to be good enough and based on your answers you actually didn't take it "quite literally". That is a charitable interpretation from most of you :) despite my shortcoming. So thank you!

I found Adams thinking about this more helpful for the discussion: "Who gets little social reward that is also underrated?"

Social rewards in EA

Anonymous comment: "Intellectually stimulating ideas and those who work on them are rewarded significantly higher than less intellectually stimulating work on global poverty."

Concurso de ensayos sobre Riesgos Catastróficos Globales en Español

Hola Jaime, ¿por cuales medios tienen planeado/han compartido información sobre el concurso? Por ejemplo lo podría postear en el grupo de Facebook de AE America Latina:

Si hay algun plan en pie para promover los articulos ganadores (una vez sean escogidos) estaria interesada en saber y/o ayudar a encontrar, coordinar personas que los puedan promover.

The Future Fund’s Project Ideas Competition

Nonprofit Growth Research Think Tank/Consultancy

EA Ops, Effective Altruism

Most EA organisations and projects will be faced (at several times during their organisational lifecycle) with changes to their organisations due the growth of their teams.
If handled poorly a team can grow with many "growing pains" such as processes, policies, financial systems, (project) management and organisational/team structures that are not fit to the new status quo.

We'd love to see an organization that guides other EA organisations on their path to growth by identifying the right strategies and blind spots to manage the change phase in a period of growth.

The Future Fund’s Project Ideas Competition

Job application support for underrepresented groups
Increasing diversity in EA, Effective Altruism

Underrepresented groups usually face additional (or exacerbated) challenges in job applications: language barriers, impostor-syndrome, smaller networks, etc. that affect their application success. There are organisations within the EA ecosystem that provide career coaching but none provides dedicated, on demand support with job applications. 

We'd love to see an organisation that provides ongoing support to people from underrepresented groups in job applications including: finding the right opportunities, preparing application documents, preparing for interviews, etc. so they are more likely to land high impact roles.

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