David Solar

Organizer @ UC Chile EA Student Chapter
111 karmaJoined Jun 2022Pursuing an undergraduate degreeSantiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile


  • Organizer of Altruismo Eficaz UC (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
  • Completed the Introductory EA Virtual Program
  • Completed the In-Depth EA Virtual Program
  • Attended more than three meetings with a local EA group
  • Completed the AGI Safety Fundamentals Virtual Program
  • Attended an EA Global conference
  • Attended an EAGx conference
  • Received career coaching from 80,000 Hours


Just saw this! For anyone considering on going to the retreat: I went last January, had a blast and got to meet a ton of CB's from around the world :)

The opportunity is especially awesome if your local/regional community isn't very big (like my case) because you'll get to meet many new EA friends and professionals!

Great read and straight to the point! Glad our group got to participate in UGAP last semester, would definitely point starting groups/organizers to apply. :)

So cool to see this! 
We are organizing our first hackathon as EAUC Chile and this posts “what we could do better” as well as your resources will be useful for ours :)


Update: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/x9pcT6dvaGKox4PT5/chilean-ais-hackathon-retrospective


Awesome post! A great resource regarding plant based eating is nutritionfacts.org, for anyone interested

Hi Emma! Just read your post. We are looking to start our own Uni group, we'll consider the points you make regarding community building in our own journey :)