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I'm a serial entrepreneur, longtermist, and big-picture, systems thinker. After years focused on the Future of Work I am turning my attention to AI Governance - namely how we might grow and organise the space to rapidly increase the productivity and capability of the community ensuring this transformational technology leads to social good.

I spend 70% of my time on that project, and 30% as an executive coach which is a source of both income and energy. 

I built and still run LifeWork - a payment platform to ensure freelancers get paid faster and more securely, enabling the freelance economy and an inclusive future of work - and The Small Business School Challenge - the leading business school case competition having delivered over $1m in impact to small business owners.

As a McKinsey consultant I focused on organisation design and effectiveness, as well as directing research on DEI and talent. 

How others can help me

I am looking for anybody looking to grow the AI Governance community to help me build What Future World?. If you believe you have something to contribute please message me. At launch, I have particular needs for marketing and fundraising skillsets, but I'm still at the point where almost any capability and capacity you can offer will be high impact.

I would love to learn from people who have started/grown communities, and/or media products (blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels) for general advice. The discipline or community focus is irrelevant, I am more looking for best practices on the form and activities that should be generally applicable. Please message me if this is you, or connect me with folks that fit this description. 

I am always looking to learn more about AI governance, AI safety, moral philosophy, game theory, and political economy. I'm sure there are other topics I'm forgetting. I love to learn. If you send me your favourite resources on these topics I will be your friend, and reciprocate whenever I come across things that I think will interest you.

How I can help others

Reach out to me if:

  • you want to learn more about the field of AI Governance or want to deepen your involvement in the space
  • you're considering starting your own high-impact venture and want to learn what mistakes to avoid
  • you're considering a career move into management consulting and want a candid perspective, and/or application advice


Hi everyone! I'm David Corfield.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and former McKinsey consultant, at the end of a three month sabbatical spent determining the highest impact x personal fit focus for the next chapter of my career. I've settled on AI Governance. I've been aware of the EA community for a few years, but have particular thanks to Jack Sennet and Sarah Pomeranz for connecting me with the leading lights in the AI Governance field.

I'm excited to say that tomorrow I will be announcing the launch of my project to grow the AI Governance community. I won't say more here, just that if AI Governance is important or interesting to you then make sure you follow or message me to make sure you don't miss the announcement.

Stay tuned,