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Short productivity videos. For example: "what is a TAP", "what is Murphyjitsu", "what is goal factoring", etc. 

This, alongside your current "worldview expanding" content, curates an audience who is interested in tackling big questions and also cares about optimizing their personal impact. 

Expanding on the "big questions" side, I would like to see more content which inspires altruism (example). 

There is a relevant Rob Miles Computerphile video. It does not have a demo component like you are planning, but it does seem to click with laypeople (1M views, top comments generally engaged). 

Two more organizations which try to get a narrow group of people (athletes / founders) to give to effective causes: 

One more organization trying to get the everyday person to give 1%: 

Perhaps one source of downvotes is that the main idea of this post is unoriginal. Anyone putting on an intro fellowship has put some amount of thought into: 

  • Do I call it a "fellowship" to give it prestige, or do I call it a "seminar" / "reading group" to make it sound academic, or do I call it a "program" or a more neutral tone, ...
  • Do I call it "Arete" to sound fancy, or do I call it "intro" to sound welcoming, ...
  • Do I explicitly put "EA" in the title?

The one new thought here seems to be having the acronym "IDEA" stand for "Introduction to making a Difference through Effective Altruism". And this post isn't even a comprehensive exploration of the pros and cons of this acronym!  OP leaves off one important downside: at other universities (e.g. Harvard, Brown), IDEA stands for "In-Depth EA". Another point OP doesn't expand on is why "fellowship" had religious connotations for so many people. (Could this be more of an issue in LSU / the US South in general, compared to other parts of US/Europe?) 

Finding good names is important, but this post doesn't really do much in aim of this goal. The pros and cons here are exclusively supported by anecdotal evidence or OP's personal aesthetics. Stuff I would like to see in the "naming CB interventions better" space: 

What does she think policymakers should be trying to do to prevent risks from misaligned AI? 

Now that Rational Animations has the human capital, budget, and experience to make high quality videos like this one, I think they should develop a more consistent brand.

They should have a consistent single face or voice of the channel. Popular edutainment channels often take off when viewer connects with a likeable personality. Examples: 

  • Tom Scott, VSauce, Veritasium, Physics Girl, ...
  • Channels which don't show their face in their typical format: Wendover Productions, 3Blue1Brown
  • Even high-budget channels like Vox are starting to lean into this format by structuring their videos more like vlogs, where the viewer connects with the presenter. example

Also just look at the comments of these videos. People engage with the content, but they also feel connected to the person presenting, and write things like "Wow I liked how excited <presenter> got when <thing> happened". 

They should mark as private or remake the old videos without Rob Miles as narrator. Personally, the old videos are a bit jarring to click on—sometimes you get a guy with an accent and a bad mic (one is ok, two makes a video difficult to understand), sometimes you get a generic overly cheery American "radio voice". 

Maybe get rid of the dogs/cats? Looking at the last year of videos (there are 8), the top 5 most viewed do not have dogs/cats in their thumbnail, and the bottom 3 do. YouTube allows for extensive thumbnail A/B testing and so if they're not doing this already, Rational Animations really should prepare more kinds of thumbnails and optimize for getting people to click on their videos (in a truthful way). Personally, when I first visited the channel, I found the dogs/cats in the Bayes video off-putting ("why are dogs/cats here? did a 12 year old girl draw this?"), but I thought they were fine in the How to Take Over the Universe (in Three Easy Steps) because they were subtle and the animation felt cohesive overall.

What about a subreddit?

If it's OK to answer:  how much did you end up dictating the content/wording of the ad?

This might be better received as an April Fools' Day post.

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