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I work at the NIH researching bioethics, biosecurity, grantmaking, and global (health) priorities. (ex-ish) Berkeley community builder. Contract with CEA on Virtual Programs. Organising EAGxBerkeley in Dec 2022.

Happy to be involved and connected!

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Good people in ops and biosecurity looking to hire into positions


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I love it! Also having a tag all the time for drafts and unfinished thoughts would be nice too? 

Is anyone working on AI  and biotech regulation in specific or/ have good readings for the state of the field / existing regulation?

Yes, definitely! Here's a poorly formatted (sorry doesn't have links) list of relevant papers, there's this reading list, and this one,  and this forum post

Ooh a fun history less! Thanks! I'll edit it :) 

Ooh sorry! I meant to add more and not be so vague and then forgot I published this and didn't edit it. I'll update it over the new few days hopefully

Answer by ElikaOct 12, 202231

I'd  recommend taking an Insights test if you can. I don't usually believe in all the personality test hype but we did Insights as a team at Atlas and it was super helpful (and like 95% accurate!) about each persons' working styles, communication profiles, etc. I used it to make my work with my doc 

I have a long-ish list of research paper ideas on biosecurity and ethics. I'd be really helpful if there were people interested in doing some of this research or taking on projects

Edit: on hold, but thanks everyone :)

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