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Hi - like everyone on here, I'm interested in EA and making an effective difference. I currently do operations and events at Atlas Fellowship. I'm also moving to DC to do biosecurity research at the NIH in the fall! 

I'm organising EAGxBerkeley in Dec, 2022 and am also an unofficial party planner and attempted community builder. 

Happy to be involved and connected!


EAGxBerkeley: Dec 2nd, Save the Date

Hmm it works for me and for the other's that submitted. Can you try again? thanks!

My Effective Altruism Story

Thanks for sharing ! I really loved reading this and it's inspired me (and hopefully) others to share more  EA 'origin' stories. 

Easy Altruism

I love this list and the thought of it!! 

I'd add to also take time to get to know people and make connections in EA that aren't only about EA and impact! I think it not only leads to a better community but is also just a nice, personal thing to do.

Potatoes: A Critical Review

Just letting you know that there's going to be a red teaming contest soon (I think June sometime) if you wanted to submit this.

EA and the current funding situation

As someone who has heard a lot of criticism from non-EAs about the perception of loose money and funding in EA, I really appreciate this post and the thoughtfulness :)

 I do really believe that the outsider perception of lots of money in EA is a significantly negative and potentially a major deterrent to community-building efforts. Posts like this and, as you mention, criticisms/red teaming of EA I think really help build a more positive image and more importantly accountability. Curious about how to translate these efforts (which take place mainly on the Forum, not something new EAs typically are on) into outreach material and community building. 

My Reflections Facilitating for EA Virtual Programs

You are super right and my hunch is that bringing in older professionals is extremely valuable from an impact perspective. 

My Reflections Facilitating for EA Virtual Programs

Thanks, Miranda! Happy to share more as this project develops. I'd love to hear what you are doing at UChicago as well.

Preparing for EAGxPrague

I'm not going to EAGxPrague - but from my experience at other conferences, they usually start Friday evening with an opening reception and a career fair. All the conferences I've been to have used Swapcard, but it hasn't been made public until about a week before the event. If you haven't heard anything and it's a few days before the event, I would reach out to the organisers because some people at EAGxBoston didn't get the email about the Swapcard. Hope this helps!

On the fence about applying to EAG or EAGx? Talk to someone (me?) who went!

Awesome idea Jeremy! I'm also happy to talk to people, just PM me. For some background, I've attended a few conferences, help with some community building, and work in public health, bioethics, and biosecurity. I've organized a few intro and in-depth fellowships, so I like to talk to people and get them introduced into the EA community :)

Effective Altruism Isn't on TV.

I agree! I also feel like we're heading in that direction (especially with GiveWell) with EA getting more into mainstream media (ex. Vox's Future Perfect). I'd be curious how whoever is doing it chooses to communicate EA.

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