Researcher @ National Institutes for Health
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I'm a Fellow at the NIH researching bioethics, biosecurity, grantmaking, and global (health) priorities. Also, a community builder in Berkeley, DC, and with Virtual Programs. I'm organising EAGxBerkeley in Dec 2022.

Interested or already working with me: check out my 'Work with Me' doc

Happy to be involved and connected!


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Good point! I'll share it with the developers :)

Hi! I'm Elika! I work at the NIH (national institutes for health) doing bioethics research. My research is on biosecurity (considerations of dual use/gain of function in funding biomedical research), global health priority setting (how do we measure disease, what are the most pressing problems and what are we more ethically-obligated to thus fund), and more!

I do a bunch of stuff in EA from running this group to organising EAGxBerkeley to working on improving Virtual Programs. 

Stuff I'm interested in doing with this group: thinking about how to use it (suggestions wanted), writing a Forum post on the intersection of bioethics and EA, of the dual use situation in US health policy, and more! 

Hi all - Welcome to the subform trial for the bioethics group! I'd be great if everyone could join, introduce yourself, and maybe mention one hope you have for integrating EA and bioethics the next few weeks (could be to share an interesting reading here, get career advice, find a project, write a forum post), etc!

Thank you Dion!! I really really loved the speech. Thanks for posting it online. I think this should be something many EAs, especially older community members read so it helps them refresh to how scary it is to be a new EA and know it might change your life, but not know exactly how. 


I'm definitely going to send this out to EAGxBerkeley attendees :)

+10 as someone making the move from Berkeley to DC :)

Thanks!! Good to know :)

I like 55% agree and it's updating me to think about what spots I'm taking by attending. I am slightly worried about a) the logistics of organising a massive open conference, and b) potentially getting less value aligned / EA involved people and it negatively impacting the community. 

As one of the EAGxBerkeley organisers, we're trying to figure out how to do outreach to those early level EAs and those that are very EA aligned without knowing what EA - two groups I think would get the most benefit out of an EAGx. Do you (I mean this in a general sense for anyone to answer) have any suggestions for how to do outreach to those not deep in the EA radar so we can make it more of an 'open' conference?

Hmm it works for me and for the other's that submitted. Can you try again? thanks!

Thanks for sharing ! I really loved reading this and it's inspired me (and hopefully) others to share more  EA 'origin' stories. 

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