Emma Cameron

Managing Director @ One for the World
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I am the Managing Director of One for the World, a global nonprofit with the mission of revolutionizing charitable giving to end extreme poverty. We advocate that people donate 1% or more of their income to the world's most cost-effective charities. I oversee our organization's strategy & and operations, manage our staff, and lead our university and corporate chapter programs.

I am also a committed animal advocate, serving on the advisory board of Connect For Animals, and am the current Lead Organizer for Madison Vegan Fest.

How others can help me

  • Connect with people who are currently enrolled at a top business, law, or medical school in the US or Canada
  • Connect with folks who work at blue-chip corporations in tech, consulting, finance, law, or other relevant industries with an interest in promoting effective giving within their workplace

How I can help others

  • Community-building, community organizing, volunteer management, staff management & team culture, global health & development, movement-building in effective giving


Thanks, Philippe! Good luck at Boston!! I wanted to do it this year, but it didn't work out with my schedule. 

Hey, thanks! I hope you're doing well - I didn't realize you were at CEA now. :)

Yes, exactly! #2 was a big reason I thought to start this fundraiser. :)