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Interim Managing Director Announcement

After over four years at the helm of One for the World, our Executive Director, Jack Lewars, is stepping down at the end of this month. In his place, our Board of Directors has named me, Emma Cameron, as One for the World’s interim Managing Director.

As we say goodbye to Jack, I am excited to enter this new interim Managing Director role at One for the World. 

I have spent the past 10+ years of my career gaining experience in community organizing, people management, corporate campaigns, and fundraising. I honed this experience in areas ranging from labor union organizing to farmed animal advocacy. I often find myself thrilled at roles that allow me to balance multiple ‘hats’ and responsibilities, and I think this dynamic role gives me precisely that kind of opportunity, where I will be balancing the needs of our chapters, managing the team, and shepherding the organization’s mission as a whole. 

I’m looking ahead in the coming months to an organization that plans to double down on its origins in the next year. We intend to expand our presence at top MBA and law schools in the US. After successfully trialing our chapter model in the corporate setting at ten companies this year, we plan to expand our corporate presence within tech, finance, consulting, and other industries. As a whole, it will be exciting to play a significant role in shaping the future of our organization in this interim period. I am grateful to our board for the opportunity and their trust. 

To our 1% Pledgers, donors, and supporters, One for the World remains committed to ending extreme poverty by building a movement of people who fully embrace their capacity to give. We are excited about the opportunities and fresh perspectives that come with new leadership. Of course, our door is open if you would like to connect with me or another team member. You can reach me at emma.c@1fortheworld.org. You're also welcome to book a time to chat with me about taking the 1% Pledge, effective giving, or anything else related to One for the World.

Executive Director Jack Lewars steps down 

We want to thank Jack profusely for his service to One for the World. Jack was selected as our inaugural Executive Director for our formerly volunteer-led organization in 2019. Since joining, he has grown One for the World’s annual donation volume more than 7 times. He built One for the World into a global organization with chapters in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

He created our corporate fundraising strategy from the ground up. When Jack joined, we’d not made a single corporate presentation. We have delivered more than 100 at some of the most prestigious companies in the world, with corporate donors contributing over $1 million in donations in the last year. Jack has done the unglamorous but vital work to transform a volunteer network into an established nonprofit with an international reach. 

Jack boldly steered One for the World through the COVID-19 pandemic when our core program had to effectively stop completely across campuses worldwide. Jack prioritized the organization’s internal culture and fostered an inclusive environment for our team. His tremendous success advising our donors on their philanthropic legacies here at One for the World will undoubtedly serve him well in his next opportunity.

Building on his experience at One for the World, Jack is launching a consultancy offering bespoke donation advice for large donors. One for the World is excited about this addition to the effective giving space, and we look forward to continuing to work with Jack in his new role.

Applications for Executive Director

The search committee responsible for the next transformative and visionary Executive Director is now accepting applications here. You can find a job description for the role here

Interested candidates are encouraged to message Chloë Cudaback, Director of Communications, at jobs@1fortheworld.org with any questions. 





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Huge thanks to Jack for his work. As a volunteer and (briefly) contractor at OFTW, I always found him to be extremely thoughtful, transparent, and committed to the success and impact of the org. I think he's unusually good at, and committed to, seeking out and receiving critical feedback, more so than anyone I've met in other workplaces. On a more personal level I felt like he was interested in my wellbeing and development even as someone playing a very very minor role in the orgs work, and good fun to hang out with in the pub. 

Thanks mate, this is really lovely to read. Will you be at EAG London?

Seconded all of the above. I worked briefly with him, but it was a great pleasure :)

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