• Currently focused on:

  • Building EA Israel. I'm happy to chat about group strategies!
  • Running two mobile app projects with the mission of wide-spreading the use of evidence-based tools for personal development
  • Pursuing my bachelor of Industrial Engineering

• Looking for any opinion or collaborators for the directions I'm considering as my next step:

  • Better EA global coordination, I think there’s much more to do in this space
  • Making better onboarding processes to the EA community (both for new EAs and for individuals who just check it out)
  • I think there's many unexplored ways to incentivize non-profits and for-profits to become more EA-aligned
  • Ways to make society more altruistic / moral
  • Ordinary unhappiness as an EA cause

• Can help with and would love to chat about:

  • EA project ideas
  • Task Ys + onboarding new members to your local group
  • Thoughts on community building
  • Tools for creativity & overcoming functional fixedness (which in my opinion is undervalued in project management)
  • Advice on implementing habits and personal development techniques
  • UX advice
  • Exchanging playlists!


Announcing "Naming What We Can"!

I suggest Measuring Everything with units Of Wellbeing, or, in short, Meow
This might support the new field of increasing global welfare through kitten distribtuion, as been proposed before

List of EA-related organisations

Thank you so much for putting together this valuable collection!
This is just the kind of effort we need in order to make EAHub better. There is already an organisations page on EAHub but it's missing some of the organisations you listed. I encourage anyone who is willing to invest in collection activities to contact EAHub and join their team, so we can eventually build a strong knowledge center for the community.

GidonKadosh's Shortform

I've seen very few discussions on "multiplayer perspective" in the community (besides value of coordination on 80k's website, and the forum post How can we best coordinate as a community?, both written by Benjamin Todd), and I fear that we might be neglecting impactful opportunities.

I wonder whether actively encouraging people to take a multiplayer perspective, particularly in donations, can account for additional impact that we're missing out on when we talk so often about the marginal impact an individual has. For instance, I wonder if donation advice should significantly change when given to a single person, compared to when it's given to people who are willing to group together and donate a large amount of money. What do you think?

EA is risk-constrained

I strongly agree. Personally (and I know a couple more EAs with the same dilemma), I'd be thrilled to apply to an EA org or even start a new large scale project, but this is too risky for my financial security - I'm forced to spend a couple of years on the credibility of my CV outside EA, since outsiders are not familiar with the professional level of work in EA (I've mostly encountered people associating it with the common low expertise of nonprofits).

Maybe there are ways to directly confront this, such as offering training courses by top universities or enterprises (Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc.) to people who work in the EA sphere, in order to improve the credibility (and level) of their professional skills.