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Thanks for the comment! A digital sabbatical is basically a fancy-shmancy term for "I took a break from social media and from having an online presence and increased my focus on other projects." I took a break from pretty much everything online, then added things back in gradually or limited certain sites or apps to strategically curate a better media/info diet. 

Author of “ How to Survive EAG: San Francisco FOMO,” here. In fairness to EAG organizers, I want to clarify that I did not apply for EAG SF this year. While I was bummed not to go, I was on a digital sabbatical during the application period, so I do not put any sort of blame on EAG organizers, as they had nothing to do with why I didn’t attend. I applied to two past EAGs and was accepted to both. While I support the general sentiment that it is a bummer to miss out on EAG, the post truly was written all in good fun, and I did actually have a great time putting that post together.