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Hello! I'm an undergraduate at University College Dublin studying computational social science. I'm also an organizer for EA Ireland and do research at SoGive. This summer break, I'm in Berkeley helping organize the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative!

Contact me for any reason through  Twitter, email, or LinkedIn :)


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It's an MVP—we will upgrade to a better website in due time. Hopefully the release of more products will mean there will be more options to suit a greater variety of tastes. If you have any ideas for designs or aesthetic styles that would appeal to you, I encourage you to submit them.

Unfortunately the products cannot get any cheaper than they are as we cannot operate the store without using a service like Printful, and products may in fact go up in price in the future if we change the funding model. 

Thank you so much for this feedback! Will fix.


Yeah, we are aware of this bug and unfortunately don't know how to fix it yet, but hopefully we'll solve it in the next few days

The reason we are not charging a markup is because it could lead to tax-related complications, but this may change in the future.

Hm, this may be right. We will change it if this comment gets enough upvotes. Also, if you had the same issue as Dan (shipping was too expensive), try again now!

I've added you to a list of relevant people :)

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