Hi! I'm an undergraduate at University College Dublin studying computational social science. I also volunteer doing research at ALLFED and evaluating charities at SoGive, and help run EA Ireland.

You can contact me through email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


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Open Thread: September 2021

I  agree with you—I generally come to the forum looking for more thoughtful content, and there are already several EA Facebook groups for which at least the meme post would have been more appropriate. I think the writing contest is probably fine though. 

Needed: Input on testing fit for your career

This seems very useful. Personally, I would also be interested in: 

  1. Rate of improvement: What level of skill or advancement would be considered poor, mediocre, and exceptional after X months/hours? This would be especially valuable for careers involving soft skills, in which it is often hard to know how you should be measuring your performance or what a good rate of improvement/advancement looks like. (For AI research, it could be something like, "after X hours of learning this concept, it would be considered poor/fine/great to score somewhere in the Y percentile of this machine learning competition".)
  2. Related careers: If you mostly enjoy a career except for one or two specific components, what are other similar careers that may be a good fit?