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I am a senior marketer and strategic consultant with extensive marketing experience in both B2B and charity industries and an MSC in International Marketing.

I have worked for and with a number of international animal advocacy organisations and vegan food brands alongside my work within the commercial sector, building up a firm understanding of how behavioural science and marketing can work together to optimise brand performance.

Having studied Behavioural Science for the past five years I ensure that all of my work and consultancy is both commercially sound and science-backed.

​James has spoken at conferences across the globe on marketing, positioning and behavioural science with his most recent CARE conference talk being voted as one of the top three talks of the entire event.

How I can help others

Marketing, strategy, campaign strategy, communications, behavioural science


Hey Yonatan, thanks for reaching out! I think we're both at EAG DC over the next few days, let's meet up and chat about this? :)

Thanks for commenting Linch, this is a great point. I agree on this viewpoint. There are likely many benefits to meta services like the one you describe being covered by more than one org, not least the diversification of skills, focus, specialisation and resource.

Hey Christian,

That's great to hear - thanks for sharing. I'll aim to be writing posts of this style fairly regularly, but do shout if there's a topic you'd particularly like me to cover.

Thanks Peter - I do agree that marketing and communications could do with being more highly prioritised, broadly speaking.  I hope to at least provide some of the basic knowledge that might help others stay away from some of the easy traps to fall into.

Hey Sanjay, thanks for your message.

Yes, this is a good point you raise. As you mention, I don't think the same rules apply to every context and given that EV Ops (and any of the CEA brands/sub-brands) are central components to the entire movement, there is little issue with them using 'Effective'. They may still face some issues with cannibalisation, though as you suggest EV Ops is so niche and inward facing that it needn't play by the same rules. My post here is referring to satellite organisations emerging from, surrounding and across the movement, not the central founding components.

I'm going to edit the post to make this clear as my post is not a criticism of this particular use of the term and their recent name change.

EA marketing agency User-Friendly is looking for a PT Content Coordinator freelancer. The role will be to help our clients manage their online presence and marketing activities.

Location: Remote however compatibility with the UK time zone would be preferred
Remuneration: £25,000 (pro-rata)
Hours: 25 hours per week
Duration: Until 31st December 2022 (with the possibility of extension)
Contract Type: You will be contracted on a freelance basis
Start Date: As soon as possible


Application deadline: Friday 8th July


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