Spending money is how you invest in your organization. What are the best investment options you can make in growing your organization? 

A question I get pretty frequently is "Should I really be spending money on ___? Is that the best use of my funds?" Counter-factually, an argument can be made to donate to other worthy causes instead of investing in additional support for yours. To answer this question, you need to know about the available potential solutions and determine the expected ROI and impact of whatever resources you're spending. Whether it's time or money, you need to invest in your cause in order to achieve the results you desire. It doesn't help you or your funders to short-change your organization of resources it needs to be more effective. When soliciting funds, ask for what you think will help your organization thrive, not just survive.

Here's an example: We've developed a sample budget template that covers the most common expenses organizations need to function optimally, and included explanations for each line as to why it's a worthwhile investment and what the anticipated impact is of that investment. Please note that each organization is different - but please use this as a guide when building your own budget and choosing what to invest in. 


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