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On the automation of wisdom - 

Norman Douglas:

“There are some things you can’t learn from others. You have to pass through the fire.”

Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties with the Zoom link.  Thanks for those who found the new room.  Also keep the conversation going on our slack channel - (expires in 14 days).

I'm getting an error from the zoom link.  Please use this room instead:

Update, call recap posted here:

Meta question - I volunteer with EA Data Science so this content is useful to me.  How does subscribing to a tag work exactly?  It seems like it just make posts more likely to appear on my frontpage or is there a more reliable way to check for updates?  I could just keep checking the tag or try wrestling with some RSS feed or similar, but I'd like to know if there is a more native way of getting updates.

80/20 rule.  Spend 18K hours to get 64K hours of impact ;)

Yes, let me try this rephrase.  The average American who currently drinks casually in social settings may be behaving so because they think everyone else is drinking and this would be considered normal behavior.  Sharing a statistic that nearly half of American do not drink regularly (as defined by the CDC) shows that it is also normal behavior to go out and not drink.

I think this is a positive reinforcement for not drinking.  On the other hand, I would say warning people they should not drink because there is a 14% chance they may become an alcoholic is negative reinforcement, which could lead to backlash or otherwise be questioned.  It could be questioned if occasional drinking is the sole and direct cause for alcoholism.  Rather, most cases probably arise from a combination of drinking and genetic prevalence, family influence, social norms, body type, stress triggers, and other factors.  This could open the door to people deciding such scenarios don't apply to them.

Thanks for your interest Arepo!  We will try to make future events more flexible to accommodate our global audience.  For this current event, we needed a time that fit the presenters.  We hope to have a recording online after the event and have them in the slack to answer follow up questions.  

What stat are you working off of for people who become alcoholics?  

I meant for the stat of non-drinkers to be a positive signal for the general population to choose not to drink and still feel normie.  I believe there are hopeful stories of people beating alcoholism through behavior change such as moving to a new place where their identity is not tied to drinking.  So I feel like stats don't tell us everything.

Just came across this but if you are still looking, some of the EA slacks have a virtual coffee channel that uses a bot to match people up.  Also, there is probably opportunity for interest based events to be organized.

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