Tis that time of year again.  The holidays are upon us followed by the end of another year.  As many take time to celebrate and perhaps reflect on the year, I thought it would be nice to have a ritual to end the year strong.  Here is just an initial list of side quests but I hope to get suggestions to improve it - 


1) Gratitude practice, give thanks to what is going well and reflect on the small steps taken on this long journey to Doing Good Better  

2) Reread a standout EA text or essay (e.g. Singer's Famine and Morality)

3) There are many ways to EA.  Review and revise your personal EA philosophy

4) If you are giving, review your charity donations.  Any updates to how you want to give and who you want to give to?  

5) Check out a new EA aligned organization/newsletter/youtube channel  

6) Share some of your thoughts online, in a letter, or maybe on a 1:1  

7) Connect  with someone live, strengthen your connection with the EA community



  • Quests can be done on seven consecutive days or every other day
  • Quests can end on Christmas day or start on Christmas day
  • Option to document your seven days on the forum and get a post +1

Quick Reading list:


Help me:

  • Lets keep these side quests to 7, is there anything we should substitute in for this list?
  • How might we make the quests clearer?
  • Should any quest be broader to be more inclusive?




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Take a break: Do something entirely unconnected to EA that brings you joy. 

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