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I'm an efficiency consultant, specializing in operations and productivity improvement. I am blessed with the ability to see patterns and make systems where others wouldn't see them. I gain a lot of personal satisfaction from making other people's work lives more productive, satisfying, and under control. On a personal note, I'm a mom with 3 kids juggling life, work, family, and community involvement.


There were a number of people who were interested in one particular set of skills and knowledge.  We'd have to develop those courses, which is our bottleneck right now. Delivering the courses isn't the issue - it's creating the new programming and then packaging, marketing and organizing the courses. Along those lines, I think webinars will be helpful as well, but they do take the initial time investment. We are currently seeking funding to help alleviate the resource bottleneck so we can create these.

I think another bottleneck is the unwillingness to hire outside of EA. It's not so hard to find good ops people who have experience outside of EA, and as long as it's a good personality fit, I've seen that working out well. Also, your typical EA is not a great ops person because they're happier working on the big picture. To find people who are good at implementing, you have to look outside the group since they're not naturally drawn to EA.

I would like it to involve active matchmaking, but we're not there yet. Right now it's just a directory.

I have an organization, WorkStream, focused on helping orgs be more effective. See my post about it here. We are currently running both management and operations fellowship programs (see more details here), designed to build community and provide access to relevant education to our org leaders. We start the programs on a quarterly basis, so it's an open application for anyone who wants to apply. It's not a free resource, but we do try to give scholarships when possible.

Anti Entropy focuses on providing short-term operational resources to supplement an organization and get them past specific obstacles. They provide "things" to support orgs, which is extremely valuable. WorkStream provides talent and personnel development and ongoing coaching. We focus on upskilling people and guiding them through growing their organizations. 

You're correct about all of this. I developed a fellowship program to help orgs specifically with upskilling and having the support they need to do well. I believe that the 3 critical ingredients to running an org successfully are: a) having the right knowledge b) having peer support and c) having a mentor and accountability. My personal mission is to help orgs succeed. You can find out more information on my website, or shoot me a PM / email.
I'm also working on developing an organization to consolidate all the org support resources - I've done this in the small business sector, and am applying the principles to EA. Would love to connect with anyone who wants to be a part of it.

I couldn't have said this better myself! Coaching provides huge value towards career and impact growth, and I would love to see more EAs investing in themselves.

Hi all! I'm new to the EA forum. My husband's been involved in EA for years, and I am finally in a place to want to join in as well. Specifically, I'm an efficiency consultant, specializing in operations and productivity improvement. I would love to take my talents to the EA world to make charities and the people involved more impactful.