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Jacob  |  Organizer of EA Munich  |  Economics student

Primarily interested in global priorities research and politics at the moment. 

How others can help me

How I can help others

Have some experience in community building and German politics (internships at ministry and Bundestag). Feel free to reach out to me about anything: https://calendly.com/jacob-sch


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Congratulations, Corentin! It is great to see this starting officially after so much preparatory work!

We will meet at the Glühweinstand

I didnt know that they deleted it on the the EA Forum, but the new website is run by the Horizon Institute. In their newsletter I heard about the website.

I think most of their articles have been repackaged and can be found here: https://emergingtechpolicy.org/

Here in Munich, we are dealing with many similar issues since we started as a group focused on professionals and are now registered at the two big unis (TUM and LMU), which are the best in Germany. We have some irregular events catering to professionals, but the Intro Program and most of our event are frequented by both universities

We are in front of track 33 with a blue and a yellow jacket

Thanks for the list! I will look at some more opportunities then.

Thanks for putting this together! Learned some new things about my local group!

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