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There are currently more than 100 open EA-aligned tech jobs

Great post! The "list of EA-aligned organizations"  seems very useful. Do you know if it is linked to some more official EA source like the CEA website or 80k website? and do you know how up to date it is?
Initially it seems like core EA information that is hanging in a random Notion page but I am probably wrong

How To Become A Professional Software Developer

Thanks for the detailed answers. I would be interested in hearing more about "how to get good mentorship given a specific job" in case you can redirect me to a particular article or similar.

How To Become A Professional Software Developer

Nice post! about the mentorship I wonder how much differs the theory from the practice. In my experience even if the employer mentions mentorship on the interview it might well be that there is close to nothing in the real job. 

I would be interested in hearing how it was for other developers. If they got much mentorship and how they went about finding companies which offer it.

What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

an article from vox with their suggestions on effective ways to help:


LetsDoThis's Shortform

I do not know of other examples but I would be interested in knowing the data use/needs of EA organizations

EA Online Learning Buddy Platform

Thanks for the comment Alex. As far as I see the MoocLab Group would be not topic specific unless the topic is general EA. So there would be a mix of people who might be interested for example in Animal Welfare but not AI or the other way around, so it would not be easy to find a buddy. I do not have much experience with these MoocLab Groups though so if it is possible to set different topic-pages inside a group let me know because then I think it would be interesting.

Regarding the MVP probably it will be Facebook Pages/Groups (one for each EA Topic) but I will update when it is done or maybe announce it in a different post. In the future there is still the possibility to move everything a new independent platform if needed

EA Online Learning Buddy Platform

Even if they use slack/discord very little: They use a new [a new platform that doesn't exist yet and nobody ever used and everyone knows that nobody used] even less. No?

The platform, as MOOCLAB, is thought to be for the first contact to find the buddy, after that you share your email/fb/... with your buddy and coordinate however you want. In the new platform you would automatically get email notifications when someone replies to your message or sends you a message so the interaction with the platform itself is minimal. I know in slack you can also specify different settings in different groups, .... but less intuitively and there are so many EA (and non-EA) slack groups that many people feel overwhelmed and stop reading messages at all. 

I agree, and again, this is an advantage that a new platform will never have. (right?)

If there would be an efficient way/channel to promote (new) EA Platforms to all EAs I would say "never say never", but at the moment there is not

Do you mean "Facebook Group" (where you wrote "page")? If not - then I didn't understand, could you explain in other words?

I am not into Facebook and do not know the difference between "Facebook Group" and "Facebook Page" but whatever works better for this ends. 

P.S: I sent you an email cause I rarely read this

EA Online Learning Buddy Platform
  • Facebook: not optimal but as MVP might do
  • Slack/Discord: it has nothing to do with the features but with how little people use (or are comfortable using) slack/discord outside their  already existing EA Groups/Projects. In Facebook people are more active in general but if you have data to prove my wrong happy to be wrong :)
  • what I imagine as MVP as mentioned in the post is a simpler MOOCLAB: https://www.mooclab.club/members/?key=study_buddy_members


I think also the critical mass of people is important. The post has not reached many people so probably Facebook is the best alternative to make it easier for the people to find and start gaining members fast in the corresponding pages, even if the pages idea seems far from optimal. 

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