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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this very interesting topic!

Did you consider the impact that companies like or in particular Elon Musk's Starlink is going to have on the situation? Starlink seems to be focusing their efforts exactly at countries like those studied here, countries with high entry-costs for cable-bound telecom means which they don't have since they already largely invested in their now existing satellite fleet and a significant remaining gap in the population without access to telecoms.  

Without knowing much about it, it seems to make much sense to run a business model that is based on either very low prices for those that weren't able to afford telecoms before Starlink and/or heavy advantage over the existing (weak) competition in terms of quality. Looking at Starlink's current activities, they could change the situation in many LMICs drastically within a few years.

That being said, I have also heard that Starlink seems to be quite expensive to deploy atm (but as before, I'm no expert on the topic).

Starlink is AFAIK a much discussed topic at least in Mozambique, Nigeria and Zimbabwe atm.