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I sent an email with a group application on September 18th (, but still haven't received a reply; I hadn't used the Google Form given it was a group application -- Did you receive my application? :/

Is this program family-friendly?

Increase the prize for the International Mathematics Olympiads

Rationale: It's a useful source of talent EAs have used, and the current prizes are pretty low (less than 100 USD each AFAIK).

I'd be willing to pitch in that prize. Please reach out to me if interested.

read quickly, but basically: value that is harder to capture by the market is more neglected, so actually, there's a lot of opportunities of helping more people per employee in altruistic sectors, so not doing that is an opportunity cost

MATS is extending applications until May 22nd for its SERI ML Alignment Theory Scholars Program 2022. More info:

I don't have a short answer for you unfortunately.

The Quantum Physics Sequence does address this to some extent.

Part-time remote assistant position

My assistant agency, Pantask, is looking to hire new remote assistants. We currently work only with effective altruist / LessWrong clients, and are looking to contract people in or adjacent to the network. If you’re interested in referring me people, I’ll give you a 100 USD finder’s fee for any assistant I contract for at least 2 weeks (I’m looking to contract a couple at the moment).

This is a part time gig / sideline. Tasks often include web searches, problem solving over the phone, and google sheet formatting. A full description of our services are here: 

The form to apply is here: It pays 20 usd/h.

You can ask questions here, in PM, or at

this seems relevant: Guide to Talking About Effective Altruism ( (i haven't read it though)

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