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EA Organization Updates: April-May 2022

MATS is extending applications until May 22nd for its SERI ML Alignment Theory Scholars Program 2022. More info:

Brain preservation to prevent involuntary death: a possible cause area

I don't have a short answer for you unfortunately.

The Quantum Physics Sequence does address this to some extent.

Mati_Roy's Shortform

Part-time remote assistant position

My assistant agency, Pantask, is looking to hire new remote assistants. We currently work only with effective altruist / LessWrong clients, and are looking to contract people in or adjacent to the network. If you’re interested in referring me people, I’ll give you a 100 USD finder’s fee for any assistant I contract for at least 2 weeks (I’m looking to contract a couple at the moment).

This is a part time gig / sideline. Tasks often include web searches, problem solving over the phone, and google sheet formatting. A full description of our services are here: 

The form to apply is here: It pays 20 usd/h.

You can ask questions here, in PM, or at

What to know before talking with journalists about EA

this seems relevant: Guide to Talking About Effective Altruism ( (i haven't read it though)

EA Survey 2018 Series: Community Demographics & Characteristics

The link to the raw data at the end of the post is dead. I would like to have the raw data of EA surveys, especially recent ones -- is there a way to get them?

I’ll pay you a $1,000 bounty for coming up with a good bounty (x-risk related)

way to sequence sperm/​​eggs non-destructively

this would give us:

immediate large boost of ~2SD possible by selecting earlier in the process before variance has been canceled out, does not require any new technology other than the gamete sequencing part


I’ll pay you a $1,000 bounty for coming up with a good bounty (x-risk related)

By the way, for the future I would suggest the question format (instead of the post format), so that comments are separated as "answers to the question" and "other" :)

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