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What is EASE?

EASE (EA Services) is a directory of independent agencies and freelancers offering expertise to EA-aligned organizations. Please visit our website at https://ea-services.org to view our members.

Who are we?

We are a team of service providers. The authors of this post are the core coordinators. We all have our own organizations providing services to EA-aligned organizations. We see the problems most organizations encounter, and we developed a solution to help address that need.

Why did we start EASE?

Many organizations in the EA world have similar needs but lack the bandwidth or expertise to realize them. By providing a directory of experts covering many common challenges, we aim to save the community time whilst addressing key skill shortages. We believe that most organizations need external expertise in order to maximize their organization’s potential. We are all focused on being effective – and we believe that forming this centralized directory is the most effective way of making a large resource group more available to EA-aligned organizations.

Why should EA organizations consider working with these agencies?

By working with multiple EA organizations, these agencies have gathered plenty of expertise to provide relevant advice, save time and money, and most importantly, increase your impact. Our screening process ensures that the vendors listed are pre-qualified* as experts in their represented fields. This minimizes the risk of engaging with a new “unknown” entity, as they’re already proven to be valuable team players. 

Additionally, we have programming in place to consolidate the interagency interactions and strengthen relationships, so that when you work with one member of our group, you’re accessing a part of a larger network.

*Our members are vetted to determine capabilities, accuracy, and work history, but we do not give out any endorsement for specific providers.

What are the criteria for being added to the directory?

Our aim is to build a comprehensive list of service providers who work with EA organizations. We screen members to ensure that the providers are experienced and are truly experts in their field, as well as being active participants in EA or having experience working with EA-aligned organizations.

Are you an individual or team providing services to EA-aligned organizations and would like to be added? 

We love growing our network! Fill out this form and someone will contact you to begin the screening process.

Are you ready to get the help you need?

Feel free to contact the service providers directly.

Are you an EA organization in need of help but aren’t sure what you need or if you have the budget?

We can help you figure out what kind of services and budget you need so you can try to get the funds necessary to pay for these critical services. Please send us an email to info@ea-services.org, and we will do our best to help you.

Is the directory up to date?

We regularly review the listings to make sure they remain relevant. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send an email to info@ea-services.org.

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This strikes me as a very good idea.

Forwarding the link to the EA Israel staff :)

This is helpful! I'm reaching out now to a group I didn't know had as broad a remit as it seems they do, and have made a note to potentially reach out to another in a few weeks' time once my priorities have shifted a little. So thanks for this!

I wanted to check: is the info on Pantask correct? Your site says 

Areas: marketing 

Bio: We offer lead generation services, mostly for people in the Effective Altruism and Rationalist community.

But Pantask's site seems to be entirely about virtual assistance, not marketing or lead generation.

So not sure if they offer some extra un-advertised service, if one of the sites is out of date, or if there was some error?


Thanks for asking! Yeah, we haven't advertised this on our website yet. I'd love to help your mission at Leaf--this is exactly the kind of projects I want to support :)

Thanks for this! Are you planning on making this a platform with active matchmaking or is it mainly going to be a listing with low effort vetting (e.g., simple form entry and ~ 15 minutes of verification)?

I would like it to involve active matchmaking, but we're not there yet. Right now it's just a directory.

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