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We're sharing some posts from the last week, which I shared in the most recent Digest. 

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(This post is (still) an experiment. Let us know what you think!)

We recommend:

  1. Why I don’t agree with HLI’s estimate of household spillovers from therapy (James Snowden, 6 min)
  2. Remote Health Centers In Uganda - a cost effective intervention? (Nick Laing, 10 min)
  3. Why I think it's important to work on AI forecasting (Matthew Barnett, 12 min)
  4. What does Bing Chat tell us about AI risk? and How major governments can help with the most important century (Holden Karnofsky, 2 min, 5 min)
  5. Make RCTs cheaper: smaller treatment, bigger control groups (Rory Fenton, 4 min)
  6. Every Generator Is A Policy Failure (Lauren Gilbert, link-post)
  7. Some more projects I’d like to see (finm, 29 min)
  8. Community
    1. Why I love effective altruism (Michelle Hutchinson, 6 min) 
    2. Who is Uncomfortable Critiquing Who, Around EA? (Ozzie Gooen, 13 min)
    3. Consent Isn't Always Enough (Jeff Kaufman, 4 min)
    4. Enemies vs Malefactors (So8res, 6 min)
    5. On Philosophy Tube's Video on Effective Altruism (Jessica Wen, 4 min)


  1. Manifund Impact Market / Mini-Grants Round On Forecasting (Scott Alexander) 
  2. Conferences
    1. 2023 Stanford Existential Risks Conference (Elizabeth Cooper)
    2. Conference on EA hubs and offices, expression of interest (Tereza_Flidrova, Peter Elam, booritney)
    3. Apply to attend EA conferences in Europe (Ollie Base, EAGxCambridge 2023, EAGxNordics)
    4. EA Global in 2022 and plans for 2023 (Eli Nathan)
  3. Take action
    1. Help GiveDirectly kill "teach a man to fish" (GiveDirectly)
    2. Metaculus user survey (Christian)
  4. Other updates & resources
    1. Worldview Investigations Team: An Overview (Rethink Priorities, Bob Fischer)
    2. Updates from the Mental Health Funder's Circle (wtroy)
    3. Let's Fund: Better Science impact evaluation. Registered Reports now available in Nature (Hauke Hillebrandt)
    4. Introducing EASE, a managed directory of EA Organization Service Providers (many authors)
    5. Taking a leave of absence from Open Philanthropy to work on AI safety (Holden Karnofsky)
    6. 80,000 Hours has been putting much more resources into growing our audience (Bella, 80000_Hours)
    7. EA content in French: Announcing EA France’s translation project and our translation coordination initiative (Louise Verkin)
    8. EA Israel: 2022 Progress and 2023 Plans (ezrah)

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