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  • EA orgs invest 15-30 mins discussing with us potential use-cases of cloud-automations
  • We (SEADS) design and implement your product running in the cloud
  • We work these hours pro bono and the cloud infrastructure for the MVP is also free for you
  • Once we deliver you the MVP we tell you how much is going to cost you the cloud infrastructure. Then you can decide to take it or not. Most likely any automation that will save your team time is going to pay off fast. Host yourself the product will be cheap but probably not 0€

Why are we doing this? And how is it really free?

We are using an AWS grant to run MVPs for EA orgs because we have the skills and believe it has high potential for day-to-day workflow optimization.

We believe in automation potential and your initial costs for exploration are < 1hr. MVP can simply be discontinued and the cloud space is on us so you are not committing or investing anything beyond.

Some products may require some maintenance and/or upgrades. The cost of this is very dependent on the product. At this point we like to charge only basic costs-covering fees (can be grant based) and will provide high-quality services to EA organizations priced greatly towards our EA clients' benefit.

What are some example projects? Is this really for my organization?


Every organisation has its own specific workflows and we can assess them best after an initial short meeting. Solutions can range from automating things that your team is doing manually, data analysis from surveys, dashboards, ... drop us an email 🙂

How shall I contact you?


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I like this!

Even just figuring out needs in EA that can be solved with software is, in my opinion, a valuable thing to do in the current EA software ecosystem. If you learn about a need that you're not going to solve, and you share it with the community, perhaps many people would be interested in helping.

This is really interesting, thanks for offering it. Are there some examples or case studies how others might or have used this service?

Thanks for the comment Simon. In principle you can automate almost everything in the cloud. Besides, we specialize in Data Science services so in the part "What are some example projects?" we emphasize to make a short meeting, because the needs of each organization are different and we can advise better knowing a little bit about the organization.

Happy to help with AWS CloudFormation / Terraform work

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