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Tech founder turned impact investor / aspiring EA.

3 active EA projects: - Alt protein VC in Asia - accountability coaching app - EA storybooks for kids

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Help with advice, support on any of the EA projects I'm working on

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Any advice on entrepreneurship, seeking investment, building startups. Also free accountability coaching:


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2022 donations in USD:

5k to Maternal Health Initiative (new CE org, family planning in Africa)
5k to Vida Plena (new CE org, mental health in LATAM)
2k to Giving What We Can fund (short and longtermism causes)
2k to Cellular Agriculture Australia (developing cell ag industry)

Donated to own EA projects:

22k to GoalsWon (accountability coaching app, pro-bono for EAs)
1k to EA for Kids (EA storybook creation started)

Overall happy with the year, the best yet for contributions both directly and investing in own EA projects. Also thankful for all the collaboration and advice from the community.

Agreed, physical is the real end target, though it's nice to be able to test/refine on ebook before committing to printing costs. Thanks!

Hey, great to hear that and sure, let's swap notes and help each other out as we go!

Agreed stories are powerful, and the sentimental value can also remain strong over years. 

If someone is thinking what book to give to a niece, or friend's kid, or their own kid in the future, they might think of those classics like The Giving Tree they resonated with years back... 

(I'm imagining all those millions of young parents starting to read Harry Potter to their own kids now...)

Still figuring it out, but most likely in 2-5 year old range where kids are just old enough to grasp concepts, but still enjoy getting lost with their parents in a tale that sparks their imagination. 

Looking forward to your and your niece's feedback later!

Thanks Devon, looking forward to the feedback.

The illustrated philosophy book for older kids sounds like a great idea, and could be helpful for parents as well who can learn new things while reading with the child. Nice you have a "deadline" for it :)

As an early stage VC, checklists we and others use typically cover all the basics such as: who is on the board, what requires board consent, what is the past history of investor updates, what conflicts of interest exist and mechanisms to resolve them etc 

All things that should have, if press reports are accurate, provided ample red flags prior to an investment, even before getting into forensic accounting etc.

Fear of missing out on a competitive round can drive normally savvy investors to skip or discount results of the normal dd process.

Thanks Sanjay, similarly this was sparked by wanting an a EA storybook for our kid as well. 

There are some wonderful kindness and empathy books (eg- "We are all kind" by P. Crumble and Jonathan Bentley) but would be great to have some more aligned with EA principles and ideas.

As for evidence, agreed. 

I aim to do a more deep dive during the book creation process, but the initial skim of the literature seems encouraging, with some research showing potential transfer effects of morals/cultural attitudes to kids through storybooks, particularly at younger ages.

A nice summary article is here:

That said, I'll share a more structured post once I've gone into the primary sources, before the ebook launch. 

If such evidence is strong, agree that makes the project more impactful (and vice versa) - that is, beyond simply satisfying the desire for such a book from fellow EA parents 

Appreciate you joining, and looking forward to the feedback...

Thank you!

For the book, looking for feedback from any interested folks, both parents (and their kids) and those who may not be, but have an interest or expertise. And yes, sharing with non-EA parents would be helpful too. Longer term I hope the book could engage a wider community, though it's initially targeting EA parents.

Type of feedback that's most useful would be:
- help deciding on art style/s, characters and story elements (will distribute a few polls and works in progress as we go), through both parent and kid reactions (both are important audiences)
- Then the book as a whole, the complete reading experience

Channel - any! 

I'll be sending via email to the beta readers via (14 as the time of writing this) but happy to chat more on any channel, whether email, Slack etc.

Appreciate the interest...

This is really interesting, thanks for offering it. Are there some examples or case studies how others might or have used this service?

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