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Family Planning: A Significant Opportunity for Impact

Thanks for the write up and the cost effectiveness numbers look particularly promising! How much of the education / outreach efforts are targeted towards mothers vs fathers, are there cultural issues to address beyond benefits/educations etc?

EA covered on "Stuff You Should Know" Podcast

Great summary, thanks for taking the time to write it up.

Would have been nice if they could have spent more time on examples of longtermist causes, or devoting career to high impact projects (not simply what you love, made slightly better) but given time constraints it was a strong introduction and done in a way that was welcoming and encouraging to take the next step to learn/do more.

Where are you donating in 2021, and why?

2021 donations in USD:

10k to Against Malaria Foundation (which was further matched 1:1)
3.5k to Cellular Agriculture Australia (which was further matched 1:1)
3.5k to Medito Foundation (non profit mindfulness app)

Reasoning - majority to a proven high impact organization,  then smaller amounts to new projects that have high potential in reducing animal suffering (CellAgAu have helped several new CellAg startups get off the ground) and improving human mental wellbeing (Medito has millions of downloads already)

Next year plan to donate more, at least 20% of income, divided mostly between global health/wellbeing and longtermist projects, with remainder for speculative new EA entrepreneurship projects.