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Hi Craig - the current restriction to the US population certainly doesn't represent that we're not ultimately interested in expanding further. The current funding covers the US, and we started here for several reasons:

  1. Logistical reasons to do with access to samples that is not so feasible in a lot of countries
  2. Lots of up-to-date and readily available info on the US population demographics that make analysis-related choices/possibilities to do with getting to a representative sample more feasible
  3. Lots of existing organisations are particularly interested in US in relation to public opinion/how this might inform policy

But other countries are of interest too for sure!

Great ideas. 

For options in 3, there is some overlap with what some other large and established surveys cover - you may for example be interested to look up the General Social Survey (GSS), which has been going for decades and covers a range of social issues like trust in the medical establishment, trust in 'science', general social trust, alongside all sorts of other things - you can try searching for variables here: https://gssdataexplorer.norc.org/variables/vfilter

Several thousand per month (not double figure thousands)

Thank you Chris! One would think that years of disappointing cake and pizza apportionment would have taught people that we don't read things very precisely when they're circles, but the pie chart remains...