Introducing Ayuda Efectiva

In the Netherlands we have DonerEffectief, launched last year around May. 

Happy to share some of our experiences and very interested in your story as well Pablo.  We registered many effective charities to make them tax-deductible over the last year. According to https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/165846/donations-sci-deductible-across-european-union/ this this status applies to residents of other EU-countries as well? 

Wondering if there are any other EU parties who want to capitalise on this? 

Improving Institutional Decision-Making: a new working group

We (EAN) run a large project around improving decision making at our MFA. We try to incorporate the newest insights from research, happy to talk. @Laura: I've reached out to you

Lessons from my time in Effective Altruism

I think this should be an important part of a potential EA training institute, see https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/L9dzan7QBQMJj3P27/training-bottlenecks-in-ea

To have impact you need to have personal impact skills as well, besides object-level knowledge.

How we promoted EA at a large tech company (v2.0)

Hi great report, thanks a lot! I think this is a very inspirational case. Congrats on the results! During presentations to young professionals I always mention your initiative. 

I will reach out to you to exchange experiences.

Kelsey Piper on "The Life You Can Save"

Nice, thanks. I use this message a lot during broader outreach outside of the EA world, I think it works!

Careers Questions Open Thread

Hi there,

I am a former management / strategy consultant (3 years) and currently entrepreneur (4 years now) of which the last year in the EA space (leading EA Netherlands) . I think we have a very similar profile

Happy to talk to you in June, I will send you my email in a pm!

Looking for collaborators after last 80k podcast with Tristan Harris

Thanks for this! I've sent you an email. Especially regarding caveat #2 I believe you can help with relative little time and resources. 

Looking for collaborators after last 80k podcast with Tristan Harris

Thanks Barry, it would be great to have someone on the team who is able to give a verdict on the mental health / social media influence. Let me know if you have someone on your mind. I think working on that question should be a seperate work stream in this (small) GPR project.

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