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  • What: The EU Tech Policy Fellowship is a 7-month programme that empowers ambitious graduates to launch European policy careers focused on emerging technology. At the core of our programme is a focus on ensuring the safe and responsible deployment of artificial intelligence and related technologies.
  • Two distinct tracks:
    • Training track: Explore the intricacies of tech policy during our 8-week Emerging Tech Governance Fundamentals Programme. Engage in a 10-day policymaking summit in Brussels. Receive personalised support & coaching to confidently initiate your career in tech policy.
    • Placement track: Experience the full scope of our training track by participating in our 8-week Emerging Tech Governance Fundamentals Programme and attending our 10-day Brussels Summit. Secure a 4-6 month placement at a respected think tank, complemented by a stipend up to EUR 2.250 per month to support your efforts.
  • Dates: The 2024 EU Tech Policy Fellowship Winter Cohort will run from January - July 2024. 
  • Deadline: Applications for the Winter cohort will close on October 1st. 
  • More information: Visit the website or join the information event on September 25, 4pm CET
  • How to apply:




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This is cool! Good luck on the program

This seems like a great opportunity. It is now I've on the EA Opportunity Board!

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