Data Analyst / Volunteer @ EA Poland
54 karmaJoined Working (6-15 years)Krauthofera, 61-001 Poznań, Poland



Volunteer at EA Poland, working on effective giving platform.

Professionally a Data Analyst with exp in Insurance & IT Consulting.

Trying to upskill in AI Safety Research Engineering since December 2022


What were the main reasons for this decision?
Was this motivated by how much you could earn in a typical zero-impact tech job? I mean - would you still "quit trying to have direct impact" if your zero-impact tech job wouldn't leave you with much extra money to donate?

I don't understand why "Surely, You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman" is on the list. I haven't learned anything from this book aside from some trivia about Feynman's life and, honestly, I disliked it. 

Meta comment - is it only me or is there something off with the references (the numbers don't match and links don't work) and with the ToC (here 'This' and 'short post' got their sub points). But only the references are an issue worth fixing imo if others have the same.

As for the content - very interesting, I'm surprised I haven't heard about that before. I think this can be very good place for discussion that attracts people willing to do good and caring about their own causes whom we might convince to start thinking about effectiveness and expanding their moral circle. And would make EA more democratic. 

I'm eager now to try it out in Poland.

Thanks! Shouldn't write that in a hurry - that's why I didn't add Proficient English 😅

Answer by jknowak5

Location: Poland
Remote: Yes
Willing to relocate: Maybe
Skills: data & business analysis related, but I would call myself a generalist, able to learn various skills

  • Data skills:
    • Viz & BI tools like Tableau or PowerBI
    • DWHs and ETLs
    • Python Webscraping and APIs
    • Basic ML in Python and R
    • Basic Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Web Analytics:
    • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
    • custom JS & Python first party tracking
  • Business Analysis
    • Jira, Asana, etc.
    • Agile & Scrum
    • Team and Project Management
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Graphic & UI design
  • Intermediate German, Basic Spanish & Russian


Specific cause areas I'm interested in - AI Safety & Biosecurity - but I could easily work on something else.

What type of roles I'm looking for - IT / entrepreneurship related.

My experience with EA - heard about it few years ago, read a lot (mostly 80000hours) in Feb 2020, active member of EA Poland since Nov 2021.

My current salary is ~34k EUR.

Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: LinkedIn
Email: jakub.k.nowak@protonmail.com 

Yes, that too, but what I was thinking is that the votes on "whom to hire" could be used then (if you voted on the winning candidate) as shares of bonus paid out monthly.

Could you provide sources to the charts you added there? It'd be nice to take into account how up-to-date it is or what's the underlying data source when we'll be voting on them :) Also I'm thinking of redoing & sharing some of these in my language.

EA-themed Superhero Graphic Novel / Shounen Anime / K Drama

Effective Altruism Meta, Community Building

I really like to think about that Superman fanfic where he tried to aim for 'most good'. Many existing superhero stories could be rewritten so the main protagonists tries to maximize their impact. I know non-fiction movies/documentaries were mentioned but I think the 3 types of media I mentioned have the potential to become really popular (are consumed by vast number of teenagers and (young) adults globally. It's a risk (it could be a flop), but I think one we could take. I am pretty confident a big enough budget can 'buy quality' so it would be better than average story.

Funding Stress/Penetration Tests of vital orgs/infrastructure

Cyber Risks, Cybersecurity

Most orgs don't spend enough on ensuring their infrastructure is safe from hackers and we should ensure that labs working on AI safety, biorisk companies, EA orgs etc. are safe from malicious hackers.

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