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Can you give us a breakdown of the cost of treating each additional person?

E.g.  70% salary for facilitator, 15% recruitment, 9% admin, ...

It sucks when posts are downvoted without explanation. Here are some reasons I think this was downvoted:

"The rebuttal is read by people who agree with the YouTuber. They might read the rational arguments but again emotions are stronger. They do not feel understood by the rebuttal and this leads them to dismiss the counter-arguments even if they are really good on an emotional level. This decreases trust in EA even further, and increases trust in the critic."

It'd be good if this had a source attached to it, or if there was some argument as to why it's the case

"how unacknowledged personal shadows of EA leaders can affect the community."

It isn't explained what a shadow is, and this part seems wildly speculative and unhelpful; It isn't clear how one would go about improving one's shadow


"we can still aim for "the greatest good for the greatest number" - it's just that this number is no longer an integer."