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Who the fuck are you?

I run EA's biggest volunteer organisation. We train psychology graduate volunteers to treat mental illnesses, especially in LMICs.  To lead by example, I don't take a salary despite working >50Hs per week. To pay the bills, I coach rich people's children to be happier and more productive. While it funds my living expenses, it's not very impactful. I'm hoping to start serving EAs to fix that.

EA stuff I've done

  • Authored or co-authored ~$350 000 of successful grant applications for EA charities
  • Grew my org from 1 person to ~60 FTEs in the first 3 months post-launch 
  • Now treating one case of depression / anxiety / phobia for ~$50 on the margin (although, just ~ 1000 clients a year right now; planning to treat 13 000 for ~$20 on the margin by 2025)
  • Trained coaches who've helped ~100 EAs overcome social anxiety, depression, procrastination and other barriers to being happily productive.

I played on hard difficulty

  • No relevant connections
  • Cause area for which EAs give few shits
  • Bottom 10% of familial income between age 13 and 21
  • Shoestring budget to start charity
  • Not extraordinarily smart or hardworking
  • Lost three of the prior five years, before starting the charity, to depression

I raise this because it's likely that disproportionate amount of my success is due to my decision-making, as opposed to my circumstances or character, and is thus replicable.

People I think could be a good fit

  • Early career EAs, especially entrepreneurs and people with leadership ambitions
  • University students struggling to get the most out of their time
  • People who know they are being held back by psychological issues (e.g. fear / risk aversion / procrastination / anxiety / depression / lack of discipline / bad habits)
  • Anyone interested in entering mental health as a cause area

How the hour would work

  • Tell me what you'd like to make progress on and we work on it directly via Zoom. Based on the value provided, decide if you want to continue as a paying client. If so, pay by the session (no contracts etc). If not, no hard feels. 
  • ~80% of people who chat with me for an hour decide to hire me on a session by session basis thereafter, sticking around for ~9 months on average. 

How much would you charge afterwards?

  • Full-time EA coaches charge ~$300 per hour
  • I'm going to start out at $80 per hour. I'd only raise it for new clients thereafter.

Relevant Links

Website for my charity: https://www.overcome.org.uk/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-salter-b685181ba/

To book the free hour
If no time works, but you're really keen to give it a go, dm me and I'll see what I can do.

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Hello, I'd just like to say that I enjoy your honesty almost as much as your writing style. Keep them both up. 

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