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Inspired by Yonatan's post. Updated 2024/03/27 inspired by John Salter.

TL;DR calendar link: https://calendly.com/codercorgi/60min

Why do I think I’ll be useful?

Since mid-2023, I started formally doing coaching, to help mid-career software engineers land fulfilling roles!

I started studying Computer Science in 2016, graduated undergrad in 2019, then interned/worked at Google, Uber, Citadel, Scale AI (Series D startup), and Rippling (Series E startup). My EA experiences have included UCLA EA's Arete Fellowship (Fall '20), Stanford's AI Safety reading group (Fall '20), Tianxia Fellow (2021), and several EA conferences.

I've tutored or mentored 1:1 off-and-on for years (first time at age 10!)

I've had many varied interests (thanks ADHD).

I do not have things figured out yet - but I love chatting with ambitious people!

For reference, my LinkedIn is here.

I’m offering help with:

  • SWE interviewing - projects, interview prep, referrals, networking
  • Improving technical skills, e.g. Python, C++, and ML
  • Energy and sleep
  • Diet and exercise - keto, carnivore, intermittent fasting, cardio, strength
  • Mental quality-of-life (not professional advice) - e.g. imposter syndrome, depression, anxiety, high-functioning ASD, ADHD, loneliness, social/professional rejection, decision paralysis, questionable judgment
  • Interviewing - projects, interview prep, referrals, networking

What will the mentoring look like?

  • I’m offering informal long term mentoring where the first meeting will be over video and most other communication will be via async text messages.
  • No commitment, we can stop anytime.

What's in it for me?

I enjoy mentoring and hearing about people at different stages and perspectives!

I want to help people become more fulfilled or achieve their potential.

I love being part of people's growth journeys!

How can you reach me?


If no time works for you, message me and we'll work something out!

Here are some ideas for what to include in your agenda message:

  • A bit of background -- concise life story + relevant experiences
  • Your most important questions -- e.g. I want to do Z -- how much of X and Y might I do to prepare for Z?

That's it!



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I'm updating the AI Safety Support - Lots of Links page, and came across this post when following trails of potentially useful links. 

Are you still doing coaching, and if "yes" do you want to be listed on the lots of links page?

Just saw this, yes I am! :D

That's awesome! 
I will add you to the list right away!

Hers's  the other career coaching options on the list. It case you want to connect with our colleagues. 


Thanks for doing this. 

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