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FWIW, I would value (for the community) a "how-to" post that describes e.g. branding process more than this type of post which points at various considerations. E.g. something(s) that taught what it means to create a hierarchy of the messages you want to get across, what positioning statements are, etc. and how to create a brand on the basis of those considerations.

Yeah I totally agree that the article was much better than many others on the subject, and that it isn't an easy task. I just thought it was worth acknowledging the shortcomings as well.

There were plenty of shortcomings, I thought, in the New Yorker piece (the only one of the three I've read).


If this is a legit cover (e.g. is the one on the print edition, and here, and here), this puts EA in a new era of media coverage.

The name seems potentially quite bad. To me, the connotation is that everything in it should be taken with an asterisk. E.g. its meaning as described here:

FanDuel ended up crediting my account after doing the same thing, and then reaching out to them on Twitter.

PlayMaverick's only withdrawal option seems to be:

WITHDRAW AT CAGE Get an authorization code and enable you cash withdrawal at the Maverick sports book counter.

So I passed on that one.

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