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Getting a feel for changes of karma and controversy in the EA Forum over time

We can use this mean monthly karma to scale all our posts by simply dividing the karma every post has by the mean karma of the month it was published. This allows us to determine which posts received the most praise in relation to how active the forum was at the time it was published.

I expect that the variance has fluctuated over time. If this were true, something like standard deviation away from the mean would be significantly more informative than simple adjustment on the basis of the mean.

FWIW, I also expect that the point made in this comment is valid, and therefore it may be ~impossible (unless the timing of votes is preserved) to understand reception at-the-time.

What are your main reservations about identifying as an effective altruist?

I'm bothered by a certain type of way I observe a significant number of EAs orienting toward the non-EA world. To me, it feels like there can be a lack of understanding, appreciation, and respect for the work/thoughts/opinions/accomplishments/culture of non-EAs that I sometimes find particularly naive and alienating. These experiences in particular drive me to have hesitance in self-identifying  as an EA.

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

FWIW, the three mentioned names to me point to different focuses:

EA for Jews: Seems to imply a customized form of EA more tailored to Jews; makes me think of donation opportunities in Israel, or Jewish giving groups, or something.

Effective Tzedakah: Feels all about affecting Jew's donations to be more effective and less about things like research or careers. It does seem, of these three, the most accessible to non-EA Jews you may hope to attract, but possibly not beyond donations.

 Jews in EA: Points to being an affinity group of EAs who want to get together with other Jews. Doesn't seem like a recruitment organization, but (mainly) a group for those already in EA.

I do think any of these names can be used for the entire multitude of goals this initiative may have, but the focus and first-interpretation of the name seems likely to be understood quite differently.

How many EAs are there?

Thanks, I was unfamiliar with their estimates for the proportion of the community they estimate.

"We estimate there are around 2315 highly engaged EAs and 6500 (90% CI: 4700-10,000) active EAs in the community overall."

That source also provides some other sources for estimates.

Second Citizenships, Residencies, and/or Temporary Relocation

I've just realized today (~5 days after posting) my footnotes did not transfer from the Google Docs draft. If you are returning to this post after previously reading it, you may want to take a brief look at the footnotes, as there are some potentially valuable resources linked in them.

Second Citizenships, Residencies, and/or Temporary Relocation

There's some discussion of this in the comments on LessWrong, including identification of some inaccuracies in this post, that you may want to check out.

Apply now for EA Global: Reconnect (March 20-21)

It's unclear to me if my application was successfully submitted. I hit 'submit' (eventually multiple times) and did not see a confirmation message nor did the page change. There may be a bug in the submission of the form.

(Edit: I did receive an email confirmation of my application, however)

Money Can't (Easily) Buy Talent

I am not trying to claim that EA orgs do not meet basic living thresholds, but rather that "There are many organizations offering amounts that many likely find greatly constraining to living off of."

I think it's quite common for EA job offers to be in the $40-$55k range (there are also many well above this range), with multiple instances of being significantly lower than that (e.g. $30k).

I believe that there are many that find these potential salaries to be greatly constraining.

Money Can't (Easily) Buy Talent

People don't value money

This section, in order to apply to people, seemingly assumes something like "beyond meeting their basic needs" or "beyond meeting some threshold amount."

I believe that there's a very good chance that many EA orgs are not meeting the threshold amount of many people whom they are targeting. There are many organizations offering amounts that many likely find greatly constraining to living off of.

I think this section would be more applicable if the market you were commenting on largely paid well; instead I think it is highly variable with a sizable constituency of poorly paying jobs.

What would an EA do in the american revolution?

It's worth noting that a large part of the argument there (but far from all of it) would not apply to this question unless you were in such an influential position that you could have a meaningful effect on whether or not the war took place at all.

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