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Duoflag - A side-project tackling international migration

Do you have or know of some data on post-move (SWB vs prior, income vs prior, etc)? I’d find that more interesting than pre-move interest.

Call for participants to test a pilot forecasting training program

The welcome page does not load for me; I tried three different browsers.

Jumping in Front of Bullets vs. Organ Donation

I’ve tried to estimate the number of life years saved by the typical organ donor, and the latest estimate was I think something like 0.1.

EA for Jews - Proposal and Request for Comment

On the off chance you're at all dissuaded by now existing, I want to provide my perspective that:

  1. I'd much prefer there to be something that's unaffiliated with an existing Jewish group
  2. I'd much prefer there to be something that's non-denominational
  3. Effective giving != effective altruism

So I encourage you to not be put off at all by that existing; if anything, to me, it makes the need for an alternative greater.

What is life like at the median global income?

It's been years since I read it, but I recall Poor Economics ( providing significant insight on life at lower levels of income; I think it was probably also informative about the median case.

What are some key numbers that (almost) every EA should know?

Given the donations / year figures, these seem relevant:

  • World Bank expenditures (inc. loans) per year: $10^11 ($61 billion)
  • UN expenditures per year: $10^11 ($48 billion)
  • EU expenditures per year: $10^12 ($182 billion)
  • ADB (Asian Development Bank) expenditures per year: $10^11 ($23 billion)

I think all figures were from around 2015, so these could now be different.

Some others are much smaller and therefore not included, such as GAVI, IMF, WHO, etc.

You can now apply to EA Funds anytime! (LTFF & EAIF only)

(Potential COI: I've received money from LTFF)

I think this is quite high value in expectation; it can be difficult for a grant round to coincide with an individual's timing. I personally know of instances where someone would have applied for a grant, but there was no grant round open (& sometimes decision timing can be an issue as well), and therefore they moved to doing something else they felt was lower value.

Great development!

Limited Time Opportunity to Secure Panamanian Residency - EA Group Trip Offer [Imminent Rules Change]

The main difference between the programs is that Panama's provides a path to citizenship without ever staying very long in-country, while Paraguay's is maintainable as a permanent resiidency with only short occasional visits, but to gain Paraguayan citizenship you must spend the majority of 3 years in-country. One source for this (though I've looked at many):

FWIW, a lawyer I'm speaking to about these options says that Paraguay's program is expected to change in the near future as well; they sit on the Paraguayan committee that's working on amending the law.

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