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We at CEA are running a great contest. You can win a ticket to EA Global, 80,000 Hours coaching, and/or signed copies of Doing Good Better by entering at book.80000hours.org. You can, and should!, also share it with friends who could become EAs but aren't already.

I'll provide more of the details below. But first, I'll try to anticipate the EA community response and address it.

Q1. Why are we doing this?

A1: First and foremost, we're running this contest because our book marketing agency has recommended we do so. This agency is behind the successes of many New York Times bestsellers, and they have done this type of contest successfully before.

Q2. But isn't this just clickbait?

A2: Not really. This contest incentivizes effective altruists to share it with their friends, introducing them to the movement. Since it is a giveaway that is free to enter, with prizes that will help share effective altruism with the winners, it is hopefully a great, easy way to begin to introduce new people to EA. Plus, you could win (and probably want) one of these EA-related prizes yourself.

Q3. What is the benefit?

A3: This should help us attract a number of people who are likely to be interested in effective altruism, but not already involved. These people are the exact target we're trying to reach with Will's book, which serves as a great intro to the movement. You can already see on Amazon the reviews rolling in (none of whom were already EAs). I hope that answers any potential concerns or questions. I encourage you to enter and share it with friends.

Here's the full details of the contest:

To herald the release of his book “Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference”, William MacAskill is giving away many ways for people to get involved in the effective altruism community.

Doing Good Better helps address five key questions that help guide our altruistic decisions: How many people benefit, and by how much? Is this the most effective thing I can do? Is this area neglected? What would have happened otherwise? What are the chances of success, and how good would success be?

The following prizes will all help you arrive at those answers.

Entrance is free, and the more you spread the word, the more likely you are to win – earn THREE extra entries for every friend you refer to the contest! You'll also receive news about effective altruism, 80,000 Hours, and the launch of Doing Good Better. (Unsubscribe at any time.)

The GRAND PRIZE (1 Winner) – 1 lucky person will win a ticket to EA Global (Effective Altruism Global) featuring Elon Musk. Effective Altruism Global 2015 is the largest ever convening of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, billionaires, CEOs, investors, and scientists, and more who are applying reason and data to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. PLUS a FREE career coaching package from 80,000 hours. PLUS a signed copy of William MacAskill’s most recent book, Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference.

SECOND PRIZE (3 Winners) – 3 people will win 80,000 Hours career coaching. Whether you have several options on the table or don’t know where to start, we’ll provide personal, evidence-based advice to help you choose the career where you’ll make the biggest difference.

THIRD PRIZE (5 Winners) – Five people will win a signed copy of William MacAskill’s upcoming book, Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference.

Want to earn additional entries in this giveaway? Earn 3 extra entries for every friend you refer to the contest. We’ll give you a unique, ”lucky URL” to share after after you enter at book.80000hours.org.





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