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I’ve previously outlined many of the best options for securing a second residency, and some reasons you may want to do so.

Panama had one of the most unique, accessible, and attractive programs for doing so. Unfortunately, this program’s rules will be changing on August 20th, becoming much more restrictive, to the extent that I likely would not have mentioned the program under the new rules.

I’m interested in putting together a trip for EAs and Rationalists interested in securing Panamanian permanent residency, and in 5 years potentially citizenship, under the existing rules. I believe that there are some significant benefits to securing second citizenship, and to doing so under the existing Panamanian rules, together.[1]

Currently, I’d like to assess interest for this trip before taking further action. I previously estimated the citizenship process to cost $2k-4.2k all-in[2] (not including flights or lodging). Other information, such as time investment needed and the feasibility of success on this tight timeline, I will work to further determine if there’s sufficient interest.[3]

If I put together a trip, I expect to engage a lawyer to lead us through the process, interface with that lawyer to provide clear step by step requirements to each person, coordinate so that there are some cost savings, and help secure flights and lodging.

If you have any interest in this potential trip to secure Panamanian residency, please fill out this attached Google Form.


  1. In particular, the cost per person will be lower if pursuing citizenship with someone else. ↩︎

  2. I will not be highly surprised if costs have risen due to an influx of interest prior to the rules changing. ↩︎

  3. I feel 90% confident that, on average, time investment per person will be less than 10 hours (at home) of pre-work, 8 hours in Panama actively doing things, and 10 days in Panama total (including e.g. waiting time during which work could be done remotely). There is significant possibility the time requirements are far below these (e.g. 3 hours of pre-work, 2 hours actively doing things in Panama, 3 days in-country). ↩︎




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  • FYI, Hunter says you can have residency in Paraguay easily, and only need to stay 1 day per year to maintain it
  • I might be interested in hanging out in Panama, but idk if i want the citizenship

The main difference between the programs is that Panama's provides a path to citizenship without ever staying very long in-country, while Paraguay's is maintainable as a permanent resiidency with only short occasional visits, but to gain Paraguayan citizenship you must spend the majority of 3 years in-country. One source for this (though I've looked at many): https://nomadcapitalist.com/second-passport/paraguay/

FWIW, a lawyer I'm speaking to about these options says that Paraguay's program is expected to change in the near future as well; they sit on the Paraguayan committee that's working on amending the law.

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