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One potential career option if you are interested in both AI safety and also the psychology of judgment and decision making: work in the EA psychology lab with me and Lucius Caviola. We currently have open positions for research assistants and postdocs.  We have job postings here: https://www.eapsychology.org/jobs. What’s more, I have it on Vael’s personal authority that they endorse this use of social science for helping with AI safety. The brief theory of change is something like the following: if the world ends because of AI, there’s a good chance that some people, somewhere along the line, made some pivotal judgment errors that could have been avoided with a better understanding of the kind of judgment errors that are most relevant to AI, AI policy, and AI alignment. We are conducting research on such judgment errors, among other x-risk and EA relevant topics. If you are interested in this kind of thing and are in a career stage where a postdoc or research assistantship would be useful, please apply! 

Thanks for a great post Vael!