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Who's hiring? (May-September 2022)

The Happier Lives Institute (HLI) is hiring an Operations Manger.
(application deadline: June 6th)

HLI conducts research into the most cost-effective, evidence-based ways to increase happiness. We then share what we’ve found with donors and decision-makers so they can take action. 

Writing about my job: Operations Manager

:) It was thanks to thoughtful questions from people like you that made me thing this might be helpful to share! 

We need more nuance regarding funding gaps

thanks so much for sharing these thoughts, Joey. Really clearly laid out and so important to be able to understand the nuances. 

Writing about my job: Operations Manager

these are great additional examples, Sara! thanks for adding. 
and yes, I completely agree its about 'removing obstacles before they happen'! good insight! 

Writing about my job: Operations Manager

really great to hear about your experiences as well! Very much agree, its a challenge to keep focused on the bucket of 'important priorities' and not just get caught up in 'fire-fighting' mode. What do you find works for you to keep that focus?

Writing about my job: Operations Manager

Thanks so much, Akash! Hopefully it can be helpful!
A lot of this is pretty specific to doing ops for smaller nonprofits - alot of big companies will also have ops staff as well, and they be doing things that are quite different! but the general concept of internal-focus and problem solving will be the same!

Writing about my job: Operations Manager

thanks for the kind feedback! It is really satisfying to know you are helping make sure that the org is a good place for people to work and also, hopefully grow and thrive! 

Geographic diversity in EA

so, so agree with this comment, think its a huge oversight:

"-Spot regional differences within countries when answering different types of questions: Even if my country's GDP is higher than many countries where effective donations according to EA are allocated, there are many regions within my country where poverty is extremely high, even higher than in richer cities from poorer countries. Those differences are hard to spot if EA spots “poverty” as a whole without zooming in geographical zones."